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Investing in Medical Nanotechnologies

Novel Delivery Techniques for Industrial Scents and Flavours

18th January 2006 - The Royal Society, London


The application of emerging technologies to the future scent and flavour delivery markets

Synopsis -

The flavour and fragrance industries are worth many billions of dollars and are vital to the appeal and success of many products in industries ranging from foods to household products to fashion. Critical to these industries is the control and delivery of scents and flavours. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are having profound implications in this area, with some important technologies being derived from research into drug delivery.

This conference was specially tailored to the needs of the flavour and fragrance industry, and was also aimed at consumer product manufacturers across a range of applications. The speakers at this conference included some of the most prominent international researchers and experts within this field. They emphasised the need to look beyond already existing technologies, and focus on the next steps in technological development.

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