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Careers in Nanotechnology

Finding work in Nanotechnology

Careers in Nanotechnology

New opportunities to find the employer for you

The Institute of Nanotechnology offers a CV listing service to it's Professional and Student members. CVs are listed on our Situations Wanted page. Given that our website receives over 1 million hits and 600,000 page impressions each month, this is a great opportunity to reach a vast audience of nanotechnology organizations and employers.

We also maintain a list of available nanotechnology jobs on our Situations Vacant page.

For businesses and organizations

New opportunities to reach the people you want to employ

Advertising a vacant position on our Situations Vacant page costs £300 per job, while an unlimited annual package costs £1500. Full details can be found on our advertising rates page.

For academics

Nano, Enabling and Advanced Technologies (NEAT) Post-Graduate Course Directory

Selecting the best possible post-graduate course can be a difficult decision. The Institute of Nanotechnology, through it's NEAT Post-Graduate Course Directory, offers help in selecting the right course for you. The NEAT directory provides information on taught post-graduate courses such as Masters, Post-graduate Certificates and Diplomas.

"The IoN is privileged to be working with world-class institutions delivering Nano Post-graduate education and this website will be a fantastic tool for employers and prospective students worldwide to compare and contrast a wide variety of courses."

Dr. Mark Morrison, CEO, Institute of Nanotechnology

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