Albert Franks Memeorial Lecture
'Tomorrow's People'
by Baroness Susan Greenfield

Is human nature about to change forever? Can we envisage a world where everything we take for granted about ourselves - imagination, free will, love, learning, memory, desire - becomes obsolete? Will science and technology transform not just the way we live, but the way we think and feel? What are the consequences of manipulating our bodies with machinery, our moods with 'smart drugs' and our innate nature with gene therapy? How will what we eat, our relationships, jobs, even the way we fight wars, be transformed by technology?

These and other burning questions about technology that might affect our lifestyles in the future were discussed by Susan Greenfield.

The following comments were received as feedback:

"The lecture was brilliant - I could have listened to Susan Greenfield for hours."

Chris Budleigh, L.O.T. Oriel Ltd


"I thought the lecture was very interesting and Baroness Susan Greenfield was an excellent and informative speaker!"

Michelle F. Dagg, Media and Technology,
Shepherd + Wedderburn

"Baroness Greenfield has aquired another fan - I found her lecture nothing short of inspirational. As a non-academic, I had anticipated that much of the subject-matter would be 'over my head'. Instead of which I was transfixed by her combination of speaking style, ability to make the scientific subject comprehensible and exciting to the lay-person, plus her good humoured irreverence.

Since the lecture I have not ceased to recommend to everyone I know who doesn't already follow her, to attend any future lectures and either buy her books or borrow them from their nearest library."

Sabina Stewart, Alexander Hughes



"I found the lecture excellent. What made it so good was Susan's ability to place technological change within a social context and to draw together threads from a number of the most exciting areas of scientific advance. Added to this was Susan's first class presentation skills. Next years lecturer will have a lot to live up to."

Brian Fullam, Corporate Science and Knowledge Unit,
Health and Safety Executive

"The lecture was brilliant and gave me much to think about and discuss. It was quite an experience and I am very pleased to have been able to attend. The whole day went pretty well - the IoN contribution to organisation and presentations was outstanding. The wide breadth of the audience led to extremely stimulating discussions."

Andrew Howe, Surface & Colloid Science Group, Kodak Ltd R&D

"Speaker - Superb, as good as I had expected from hearing her talk on radio and television".

Phil Grace, Norwich Union Insurance


"I found Susan Greenfield's lecture very stimulating. The changes in the ay people will live their lives will be significantly different to that of today. There is often an urge to do this in a sensationalist way but Susan's lecture was presented in a manner that showed her ideas to be feasible and hence believable."

Michael Pitkethly, QinetiQ