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Nanomedicine: Visions for the Future
24 - 25th February, 2010
NH Carlton Amsterdam Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Modern medicine is rapidly reaching a crossroads where greatly increased knowledge of how the human body and disease pathologies work at the molecular level is combining with the ability to manipulate materials at the nanoscale to provide much earlier and more accurate diagnoses, far less invasive procedures, targeting of smaller doses of more effective drugs to desired delivery sites and new paradigms of treatment where damaged tissues or even organs can be regenerated using the patient’s own cells.

New generations of highly-informed patients are also beginning to expect new treatments with a better prognosis to maintain healthy, active lifestyles into old age.

At the same time, healthcare services everywhere are under severe economic pressures to restrain costs in a demographically-ageing society where illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, degenerative and neurological conditions are placing an ever-greater strain on resources. Companies also face greater challenges in a time of financial uncertainty in developing new products and medical technologies, based on a highly-convergent scientific approach, to address a range of, as yet, unmet clinical needs.

In this complex scenario, how can better treatments be delivered more effectively, and within budgetary constraints, to an ever-increasing patient base?

In the latest of its highly-successful series of Conferences addressing the new field of nanomedicine and related medical technologies, the Institute of Nanotechnology, in partnership with NanoNed, brings together some of the world’s leading researchers and companies in the fields of medical diagnostics, drug design and delivery, imaging and regenerative medicine to show how the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies can contribute towards answering this multifaceted challenge.

The Conference will be invaluable to all involved in meeting this challenge including medical researchers, industry, healthcare professionals, regulators, technology assessors and those involved in the delivery and financing of healthcare.

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