Enhancing the properties of Nylon with Silica nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes

Dr Vinod Dhanak

University of Liverpool, UK




  • When Nylon-6 is enfused nanoparticles the resulting nanocomposite exhibits significant improvement in tensile strength as compared to the pristine material.
  • We have used Silica nanoparticles, Carbon nanotubes and nano-diamonds in Nylon-6 and found increased strength in the nanocomposite.
  • Spectroscopic and microscopy techniques have been used to characterise these materials and investigate the bonding and structure.
  • Such nanocomposite materials make ideal replacement for metals and rubber in a wide variety of applications replacing. Specifically, there is considerable current interest in using these materials for fabrics that could be used in flexible high-strength, light-weight body armour.



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