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Our track record

The Institute has participated in a number of publicly funded projects as well as delivering consultancy services to different organisations:

NMP Scoreboard

EC contract --- 2010-2012

Qualitative and quantitative analysis and benchmarking of nanotechnology, new and advanced materials, manufacturing and production processes.

International NanoMicroClub (INMC)

UK government contract --- 2010-2011

Supporting UK micro and nanotechnology SME entry into new markets (US, Russia, and Japan).


FP7 project --- 2010-2013

Life-cycle analysis of 4 different classes of nanomaterials (CNT resins, nanocellulose, ZnO and TiO). Providing training and support for industry in these matters.


FP7 project --- 2008-2012

Analysis of key emerging scientific and technical developments of nanotechnology and their socio-economic benefits. In addition, reviewing ethical and societal aspects and EHS issues, for the purpose of supporting policy and decision makers. 4m euro total budget, IoN lead contractor.

Nanomaterials Survey

European Space Agency --- 2008-2010

Survey of nanotechnology capabilities and capacities in Europe for the aerospace industry, including a worldwide inventory of nanomaterials currently used as research tools and/or in industrial production, mapping European capabilities in these areas and identifying gaps.


FP7 project --- 2008-2010

An international multi-stakeholder dialogue platform leading to framing the responsible development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies. IoN responsible for website development and online tools, data collection and analysis and organisation of workshops.


FP7 project --- 2008-2009

Review of health and environmental safety of engineered nanoparticles. IoN responsible for industry survey.

A Nanotechnology and Materials Strategy for Scottish Industry

Scottish Enterprise funded project --- 2008

Identification of those emerging nanotechnologies that are expected to impact on Scotland's national and regional priority industries.


FP6 project --- 2005-2007

Provided roadmaps on nanotechnology developments in materials, health and medicine, and energy. IoN responsible for energy sector (PV, TE, storage, and insulation).


FP6 project --- 2005-2007

To bridge the gap between Europe and India's nanotechnology knowledge bases and provide a better understanding of innovative support structures, training programmes and government policies.


FP5 project --- 2002-2007

Provided analysis of nanotechnology developments in different industrial sectors and support to business through industry events and workshops. 2.7m euro total budget, IoN lead contractor.


FP7 project --- 2008-2012

Focuses on analysis of nanotechnology development and government policy in countries across the globe through webinars and live webcasts, and consolidation through databases and annual workshops.

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