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Smart Nanomaterials
and Nanostructured Surfaces

Short Courses in Nanomedicine

Smart Nanomaterials and Nanostructured Surfaces

6th November 2008: TWI Ltd, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge, UK

'Smart Nanomaterials and Nanostructured Surfaces'


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Course Leader

  • Prof. Mehdi Tavakoli
  • Course Speakers

  • Prof. Pankaj Vadgama, Queen Mary - University of London
  • Prof. David Grant, University of Nottingham
  • Prof. Alexander Seifalian
  • Richard Moore, Institute of Nanotechnology
  • Dr Malcolm Wilkinson, Technology for Industry
  • Jeremy Webster, Mewburn Ellis LLP

  • Who should attend?

    • Medical professionals
    • Academics
    • Industry researchers
    • Clinicians
    • and others interested in gaining knowledge of this rapidly developing area of nanomedicine

    A great deal of the progress in modern medical technology is based upon advances in medical materials. Over the past few years many exciting new and highly functionalised materials have found their way into medical devices and drug delivery. These include, amongst others:

    • hard-wearing coatings for bearing surfaces of orthopaedic implants
    • surface treatments to improve biocompatibility or fixation in medical implants
    • diamond-like hard coatings for scalpels, instruments and other uses
    • novel medical alloys, e.g. shape-memory materials
    • advanced medical ceramics
    • advanced medical polymers
    • anti-bacterial coatings for catheters and other medical devices
    • highly-functionalised medical textiles, e.g. anti-soiling, anti-bacterial
    • nanopatterned and nanocontoured surfaces to influence cell growth or adhesion
    • advanced scaffold materials for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
    • biosensing surfaces and materials
    • nanoparticulate delivery systems for drugs
    • highly functionalised membranes for filtration
    • MEMs surfaces for man-machine interface devices

    This workshop will provide an overview from leading researchers of many of these high-performance materials with an emphasis on their potential application to meet a wide range of clinical needs. It will be of interest to clinicians, researchers, industry developers, regulators and others involved in medical innovation aimed at producing new generations of medical devices and drug delivery systems to meet increasing clinical challenges.

    There will also be a session devoted to overcoming some of the obstacles and challenges to moving these innovative new materials from the laboratory to the clinic and market, and to the protection of intellectual property.

    The workshop will encourage active participation and will include discussion sessions and the opportunity for networking.

    For further information please telephone Gemma McCulloch at the Institute of Nanotechnology: +44 (0)1786 458075,
    or email: gemma.mcculloch@nano.org.uk




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