Advance Nanotech Funds Nanotube Project at Cambridge Uni

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:38 am    Post subject: Advance Nanotech Funds Nanotube Project at Cambridge Uni Reply with quote

Advance Nanotech Announces Funding for Carbon Nanotube Project at the University of Cambridge

Advance Nanotech, Inc., the premier provider of financing and support services to drive the commercialization of nanotechnology discoveries, today announced financing for epi-CNT, a new research project based out of the Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) at the University of Cambridge, UK. The epi-CNT project (short for epitaxial growth of carbon nanotubes) will explore the development of a new inexpensive and precise method for the controlled growth of single wall carbon nanotubes.

Carbon nanotubes are vital to the advancement of nanotechnology due to their extreme electronic, optical and mechanical properties; nanotubes play a key role in a variety of materials-based research projects ranging from space elevators to artificial muscles to ultrahigh-speed flywheels. Single walled carbon nanotubes can be insulating, semiconducting or metallic depending on growth conditions. This wide range of physical properties enables a plethora of electronic, optical and material applications, including transistors, interconnects in integrated circuits, and components for optical networks. Successful commercialization of carbon nanotube applications requires robust, manufacturable and inexpensive control of the properties of the nanotubes.

"Carbon nanotubes hold great promise for the advancement of technology across several industries ranging from optics to electronics to advanced composite materials. However it has been very difficult to grow nanotubes tailored for specific applications," said Dr. Peter Gammel, senior vice president, electronics, for Advance Nanotech. "The epi-CNT project will provide a controlled, robust and inexpensive method for manufacturing nanotubes for use in optical and electronic applications. This is a critical step toward allowing engineers to successfully develop applications based on their unique properties."

Single-walled carbon nanotubes can be either semi-conducting or metallic, depending on their twist angle or 'chirality'. However, most electronic and optical applications (transistors, interconnects, etc.) need either semi-conducting or metallic tubes not both. Current growth methods produce a mixture of both semi-conducting and metallic tubes. As a result, scientists must separate the different types of nanotubes before they can be used; this is a costly and time-consuming process. The epi-CNT project will develop catalysts that will try to control the chirality during the growth process, resulting in the growth of a single type of nanotube (either semi-conducting or metallic).

The investment in epi-CNT was made in partnership with CAPE, the Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics at the University of Cambridge. CAPE is an integrated Research Facility for Electrical Engineering with a staff of 20 academics, 70 post-doctoral researchers and 170 research students. CAPE is funded by Advance Nanotech, Alps Electric Company Limited, Dow Corning Corporation and Marconi Corporation plc, and is designed to encourage research activities to proceed to development and exploitation in close collaboration with industry. The program enables designers and engineers within academia and industry to benefit from the burgeoning developments in advanced photonics and electronics. In the past five years, numerous patents have been filed and ten spin-out companies have been formed from projects which began in the Electrical Division within Cambridge's Department of Engineering.

Advance Nanotech is currently funding 21 portfolio companies in the electronics, biopharma, and materials industries. The firm provides services ranging from funding, to human capital and research equipment essential to ensuring that the most promising companies can accelerate the path to rapid commercialization. In this way, investor exposure to any particular technology is mitigated with Advance Nanotech retaining the option to increase investment in those technologies that successfully mature.

Source: Advance Nanotech.


This story was posted on 14 December 2005.
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