Nanotech thermoregulator fabric developed

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Nanotech thermoregulator fabric developed

Avalena and Roudiere, a French fabric house has created a nanotech "thermoregulator" fabric line which absorbs ambient thermal changes to always keep its wearer at a similar temperature regardless of the weather - much cooler in summer or much warmer in winter.

The new technology, Klimeo, a process developed by Avalena and Roudiere, consists of microcapsules containing a natural temperature regulating ingredient directly incorporated in the fabric. These capsules change their phase depending on the temperature (solid when it is cold, liquid when it is warm).

The new Klimeo process involves the application of a treatment to pure or mixed wool fabrics and is ideal for traditional woven textile markets. Its innovative properties can also be beneficial for knitwear used in active outdoor and sports markets, as well as other next-to-skin applications.

Though it adds remarkable new qualities to fabrics, Klimeo is invisible to the naked eye and does not change the aesthetics, fall or texture to fabrics, and retains its new properties even after machine washing and dry cleaning.

At the launch of Klimeo, thermometers were put in both non-Klimeo and Klimeo fabrics and they were warmed up using a hair dryer to about 34 or 35 degrees Celcius. When the fabrics reached the same temperature deep cold air was thrown on them at the same time. Each time the Klimeo fabric remained warmer than the non-Klimeo fabric by 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

This project was developed in collaboration with Australian Wool Innovation.


This story was first posted on 19th October2006.
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