Cadaveric Bone Implants: Cheap Alternatives in Bone Regenera

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As cadaveric bone implants have the same structural integrity as a normal human bone, they will integrate easily with the body and support the bodily functions well. Since it mimics the normal human bone in its chemical composition, these cadaveric implants, once sterilized and placed inside the human body, will allow easy joint fusion and integration using low-intensity pulse ultrasonic or magnetic stimulations. Additionally, to enable faster and effective integration of a cadaveric implant with another, or even with a normal bone, therapeutic bone growth factors are used.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan ( ), Advancements in Rehabilitation Technologies--An Analytical Perspective of the Physical Rehabilitation Industry , finds that once cadaveric bone implants are coated with biocompatible nanoparticles, they can integrate well with normal human bones.

"The exoskeleton providing support and mobility will integrate with electronics and control systems, providing patients with automation facility in itself," says Technical Insights Research Analyst Abhishek Dutta. "This light weight exoskeleton will be like a second skin for patients and will fuse with the present day power wheelchairs resulting in a high-efficiency mechanical system."

Researchers all over the world are rigorously working on extraskeletal and automated assistive support systems. These will provide the weak and the elderly with the necessary power and support to perform almost all activities independently with great accuracy, agility, and vigor.

In approximately five years, intelligent wheelchairs and automated orthotics support technologies will fuse to form a lightweight exoskeleton providing support as well as mobility. The orthotics support exoskeleton will be foldable and able to form wheelchairs, depending on the posture of the patient.

Advancements in various domains such as electronics and biomaterials, prosthetics, and orthotics, as well as mobility aids and therapies are increasingly aiding patient rehabilitation. This is good for doctors and patients, who are constantly on the look out for easier and simpler assistive or substitutive aids in hospitals, homes, physiotherapy centers, rehabilitation centers, and even in nursing homes.

There has also been a spurt in demand for bionic systems, which provides implantable assistive and implantable substitutive solutions. Meanwhile, the gaming industry is creating sophisticated systems to help patients, suffering from stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, regain their physiological coordination.

"An increase is present in varied rehabilitative aids and their different facets such as improved mechanics, advanced biocompatible material, better ergonomic design, and intelligent control system," observes Dutta. "This makes it difficult for not only the investors (government and industries) but also the end-users to identify the technology and products to invest in or purchase for their personal use."

Manufacturers must deal with several interesting challenges relating to reimbursement and competitive pricing, especially with hospitals forming large groups of conglomerate bulk purchasing bodies to enhance their bargaining power. This has sparked a price war for volume purchase orders. They are hoping to offset this price issue by designing materials with properties that closely mimic the natural material. The changing patient demographic also ensures that the prospects remain bright for companies producing assistive and substitutive aids.

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