Nanowerk Publishes A Free Online Database of Nanomaterials

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Nanowerk LLC Publishes Its Free Online Database of Nanomaterials

Honolulu-based Nanowerk LLC today announced its new website,, and positioned itself as a player in the nanotechnology field.

At the core of its emerging business, Nanowerk provides the Nanowerk Nanomaterial Database™, a unique and powerful tool for the global nanotechnology community to research nanomaterials from different suppliers. The database currently contains almost 800 different nanoparticles from 57 suppliers. This one-of-a-kind database provides the missing link between buyers and suppliers of nanomaterials.

Nanowerk identified the need to centralize the product information for the worldwide production of nanoparticles, so that buyers have a one-stop source to research and buy the nanomaterials they need for their scientific or manufacturing purposes.

Seasoned Professionals Combine Efforts
Prof. Klaus Sattler, who runs the nanoscience laboratory at the University of Hawaii, and one of the pioneers in nanoscience, came up with the idea behind Nanowerk.

“It was a very time-consuming and frustrating process to find the right nanoparticles for our research,” says Sattler. “It is almost impossible to keep track of who manufactures what. With Nanowerk, we built a central data repository that will be very valuable to everyone involved in research or industry.”

While Sattler is the “scientific brain” of Nanowerk, Michael Berger, who was CEO of an Internet company in Hong Kong before moving to Hawaii, deals with the business aspects of the new company.

“We have a roadmap to build Nanowerk and form this initial database into an important intermediary,” says Berger. “The Nanowerk Nanomaterial Database™ is only the first step to get our foot in the door. Our website will evolve into a front-end for nanomaterial manufacturers.”

Beyond that, the two founders deliberately keep their business model flexible in order to capitalize on newly arising opportunities in this fast-growing and changing nanotechnology environment.

Simplifying Access to a Global Market
“We come across a lot of interesting nanotech-related information, and we put that on our website as well,” says Sattler. “But that is only a by-product of what Nanowerk is about: simplifying the access to the global market for nanoparticles.”

Nanowerk sees an exciting opportunity to grow from a database provider to a global broker for nanomaterials.

“Right now, the focus is on developing relationships with nanomaterial suppliers around the world and becoming a name in the marketplace,” says Berger. “Being first out of the gate with our database, combined with our industry know-how, we are ideally positioned to become a major intermediary for the global nanomaterial industry.”

Source: Nanowerk LLC.


This story was posted on 7 December 2005.
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