Nano Materials in Drug Delivery & Tissue Engineering

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'Impact of Nano Materials in Drug Delivery & Human Tissue Engineering' is a new market analysis report from Gautam Thor of Research and Markets. It provides a market driven top down approach that identifies existing products using nano based knowledge to strengthen their capabilities and provides a description of the products market niche to pinpoint future trends.

A recent analysis of more than 200 commercially available products that use nano-based technological enhancements in the pharmaceutical, medical or healthcare field is reinforcing the notion that incremental modifications of existing drugs, drug delivery devices and tissue engineering products enhanced by nano innovations is beginning to harvest revenue.

This report highlights the impact of Nanotechnology in the development of new biomaterials designed, using “nanoscale” properties, to enhance developing platforms for drug development and delivery. It also discusses the generation of new drug device combinations, and biophase materials for tissue engineering products, both being the forerunners in the nanotechnology field that are currently attracting revenue. Today, nanoparticles such as colloidal gold, quantum dots, liposomes, dendrimers and fullerenes are being used in pharmaceutical drug discovery and in formulations for encapsulating drugs for drug delivery.

Some nanoparticulates such as fullerenes and dendrimers can be modified by precise grafting of active chemical groups and be used as drugs themselves. Products using nanostructured materials for drug delivery, tissue engineering and MRI imaging have begun to enter clinical phase trials.

An important aspect of biomedical and pharmaceutical related nanotechnology is that the systems are designed to be multifunctional and can be used to meet diverse diagnostic or therapeutic requirements. Improved efficacy, enhanced solubility, and lower toxicity by nanobiotechnological innovations have been demonstrated for a few existing drugs and FDA approval of Abraxane in January 2005 is expected, to be followed by INDs for several clinical drugs in Phase III.

Near term forecasts indicate that products that will reach the market in 2006 will include the first nanoparticulate drugs from SkyePharma (propofol), Nanobio (NanoHpx Herpes), NovaVax (Estrasorb), and a dermatological product from C Sixty based on fullerenes. Engineering pre-existing drugs onto nano-enabled scaffolds is also a strategy that will be used to extend the patent lives of pharmaceuticals.

Source: Research & Markets

This story was first posted on 17th October 2006.
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