Face Transplant Team Launch Nano Healing Gel

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:30 pm    Post subject: Face Transplant Team Launch Nano Healing Gel Reply with quote

New Skin Healing Cream Now Available to the Public

Five of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons launch HEAL: a revolutionary new healing gel originally created to soothe and reduce inflammation of the skin following surgery (thereby shortening recovery times), but which has also proven to effectively treat everyday injuries such as sprains, sunburn, bruises and scars, making it the ideal medical product to have in the home for all the family to use.

Although Heal is not a conventional "beauty" cream, it is expected to create huge demand among women searching for ways to improve their complexion and could be sold in high street stores. The cream's formulation is based on scientific research. Mr Butler, who leads the face transplant team at the Royal Free Hospital and is preparing to carry out the first full face transplant, said his team stumbled across the formula while looking for ways to shorten patients' recovery times.

The innovative preparation, now available for purchase online, has been developed by The Firm, a specialist skincare group formed by some of the best-known names in plastic and cosmetic surgery including Peter Butler, Martin Kelly, Patrick Mallucci, Simon Withey and Norman Waterhouse of London Plastic Surgery Associates (LPSA). Together, they combine their specialist knowledge in skin anti-ageing, healing and nanotechnology to bring products to the public that actually work.

Each surgeon at The Firm has specific expertise in skin healing: Peter Butler carried out his experimental research on skin ageing and transplantation in the United States (Harvard).

Martin Kelly has an MD in antioxidant skin therapy, Patrick Mallucci wrote a thesis on nanotechnology delivery systems and both Simon Withey and Norman Waterhouse have published widely on skin repair in plastic surgery. With a combined clinical experience of over fifty years in treating skin wounds after surgical procedures, they are well equipped to understand the healing process of the skin. In addition, The Firm drafted top French chemist Colette Haydon to perfect the formula in order to achieve the optimal effect, which offers a triple method of action: anti-inflammatory, bruise-solving and scar maturation.

According to Mr Butler, who leads the UK Facial Transplantation team and whose skincare research is internationally acclaimed;
“HEAL was created because no single product existed that combines all the elements of reducing bruising and inflammation as well as accelerating the healing process. This unique gel combines all of this and is completely different to any other ‘off the shelf’ products that claim to have healing effects on the skin, as they do not contain enough of the active ingredients needed to have an effect. The difference with HEAL is that the key ingredients are present in the right formulations to ensure they penetrate the skin’s surface and actually have a dramatic effect on the end result”.

Mr Mallucci added; “Over the last three years with the help and expertise of leading French chemist Colette Haydon we have developed HEAL which has a unique combination of active ingredients Arnica Montana and Madecassoside, for the first time ever packaged in a liposomal system, which delivers the agents to where they are needed most – to the deeper layers of the skin. The nanotechnology is designed to deliver the products of HEAL with maximum efficiency to the damaged area”.

HEAL combines a triple method of action which works to soothe the closed wound – using Arnica, Haloxyl and Glistin, to reduce heat sensation and discomfort; repair the damage – using Collaxyl protein fractions to promote cellular repair and optimise scar healing with Silicone. For the past two years The Firm have tested HEAL in their clinical practice, London Plastic Surgery Associates (www.lpsa.co.uk) where every year hundreds of patients have undergone facelift, rhinoplasty and breast surgery. The feedback from their patients has been overwhelming, with:

94% of patients reporting that HEAL was very soothing to bruised areas
82% of patients reporting that HEAL reduced swelling after surgery
85% of patients reporting that HEAL highly effectively reduced post-surgery bruising
97% of patients would continue to use HEAL in the future and recommend the product to others

HEAL is available online at www.healgel.com and costs £28 for a 30 ml jar.

Source: http://www.healthnewsdigest.com/news/Skin_Care_600/Plastic_Surgeons_Launch_Skin_Healing_Gel.shtml
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