FEI Installs World's Most Powerful STEM Microscope at OSU

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:18 am    Post subject: FEI Installs World's Most Powerful STEM Microscope at OSU Reply with quote

FEI Installs the World's Most Powerful Commercial STEM Microscope at Ohio State University

Ohio State University's Center for Accelerated Maturation of Materials (CAMM) has become the first North American site to install and begin using the world's highest-resolution, commercially-available scanning/transmission electron (S/TEM) microscope, the FEI Titan(TM) 80-300. This new system yields powerful sub-Angstrom (atomic scale) imaging and analysis capabilities.

With the sub-Angstrom imaging of the Titan, researchers at Ohio State's CAMM labs will have a greatly enhanced ability to make new discoveries on the structure-property relationships of a wide spectrum of materials. Close coupling of computational methods with the now more detailed experimental validation at the atomic level will make new materials development cycles much shorter at significantly reduced costs.

"CAMM embarked upon a joint project with FEI Company to develop an advanced S/TEM platform aimed at providing researchers with an accurate physical picture of the materials they are modeling," said Dr. Hamish Fraser, director of CAMM. "We are happy and enthusiastic to see that it has resulted in such a powerful tool -- on time and beyond performance expectations -- that will play an indispensable role in our effort to develop new methods for sophisticated characterization and computational models to accelerate new materials development cycles. The demonstrated quality and stability -- from crate to sub-Angstrom in just one week -- has created excitement among our students and post doctorates."

The Titan's dedicated platform for corrector and monochromator technologies is highly automated and provides leading-edge stability, performance and flexibility. The microscope enables deep sub-angstrom resolution making way for the highest performance available in both transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) modes. The Titan's upgradeable design not only enables larger nanotechnology and national research centers to afford dedicated aberration corrected TEM technology, it opens the door to universities and companies with staged funds to position themselves for the future.

"The FEI Titan S/TEM is an extraordinarily powerful and stable system," said Rob Fastenau, senior vice president of FEI's NanoResearch and NanoBiology market divisions. "Shortly after the installation at Ohio State was completed, the system was able to produce an information limit around 0.7 Angstrom and atomic resolution in STEM mode within minutes of each application. It is this very flexibility, stability and performance that will allow combining ultimate information with new results and have high analysis throughput."

The Titan S/TEM was introduced in August of this year. Additional installations of the first-shipped systems will soon be completed in North America and Europe.

Source: FEI Company.

URL: http://www.feicompany.com/default.aspx

This story was posted on 27 January 2006.
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