Business Giants Plan Commercialisation of Quantum Dot Lasers

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 10:36 am    Post subject: Business Giants Plan Commercialisation of Quantum Dot Lasers Reply with quote

[b]Fujitsu and Mitsui Announce Launch Optical Device Venture for Commercialisation of Quantum Dot Lasers[/b]

Quantum dots, from which the new venture takes its name, are semiconductor particles that are a single nanometer (one billionth of a meter) in size. Quantum dots and technology utilizing quantum dots were developed through an academic-industrial research collaboration by Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Laboratories, and Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa's laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

Quantum dot lasers, which use this technology, are revolutionary lasers that are significantly superior to conventional semiconductor lasers in that they feature higher performance in such aspects as temperature-independent operation, low power consumption, long-distance transmission, and high speed. It is anticipated that quantum dot lasers will become a core technology to realize high-performance light sources for optical telecommunication, for which data traffic is continuing to increase rapidly.

Utilizing quantum dot semiconductor crystallization leading-edge technology developed thus far by Fujitsu, and laser design and process technologies, QDL will offer quantum dot lasers to the optical telecommunication light source market for use in optical access and optical LAN within buildings. The new company aims to leverage the superior performance of its technologies to expand its share in the market and become the leader in the industry.

By achieving commercialization of its world-class quantum dot laser technology through the growth of QDL, Fujitsu expects that in addition to its current leading share of the optical transmission device markets in the United States and Japan, that Fujitsu will also be able to enhance its competitiveness in the optical access market, for which full-fledged global expansion is anticipated. In addition to providing technical support through joint research, Fujitsu will also offer business management support. Fujitsu's capital investment to QDL will be made through a corporate venture capital fund managed by Fujitsu.

Through Mitsui Ventures, a fund managed by its wholly-owned subsidiary headquartered in Tokyo, MVC Corporation, Mitsui has made equity investments to support start-up companies in various ways from a global perspective. The establishment of QDL is an example of a new company creation by carving out Fujitsu's world-class technology and human resources.

Mitsui's equity investment in QDL will be made from Mitsui's principal funds that are managed by Mitsui Ventures. In addition to supporting QDL through strategy planning, operational management, capitalization and fund-raising strategy, Mitsui Ventures will also support global marketing of QDL's technologies, enhancing growth and expansion of the new venture.

Through its Financial Markets Business Unit, Mitsui is broadly active in the field of private equity investing. As in the case of QDL, which as a business model effectively leverages the core technologies and human resources of a major Japanese IT company with third-party equity, Mitsui aims to promote this structure as one type of model for the formation and nurturing of start-up ventures.

Source: Fujitsu.

URL: [url][/url]

This story was posted on 21 April 2006.
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