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Advanced Bio-Nano-Laboratories

Advanced Bio-Nano-Laboratories develops and produces nanotechnological products with innovative biotechnological methods for their use on biomedicine, genetic transformation, optics, electronics and energy. The products are metallic nanoparticles in solution and powder, in different ranges and sizes, specifically silver and now working on gold and magnetite.

The company was born as a project at the Business Incubation Center at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico in 2004 whith a great conviction on working towards sustainable development, social and environmental consciousness, it was legally founded in 2006 and started to operate in 2008. ABN-Labs is a small company with strategic links and collaboration for the development of its products; nowadays it works with two of the major academic institutions of the country.

Main Contact Name: Mr Rene Lopez Navarro
Position: Director
Telephone: +52 (477)7171496
Address: Poetas 446, Panorama
Town/City: Leon, Guanajuato
Post Code: 37160
Country: Mexico

Product and Services

Our developments with biotechnological methods are made by experts on different areas along with multidisciplinary work teams and in collaboration with national organizations and institutions.

Our production is now of silver nanoparticles and the capacity is 300gr per month using a 200 lt. Bio-reactor and working to scale it up to 500gr. Gold and Magnetite nanoparticles are the products we are working to develop now with the same kind of production method. The developments are made looking forward to meet applications on biomedicine, genetic transformation, optics, electronic and energy.


Development and scaling of the productive process keeping the high quality of the silver nanoparticles and having good results with gold and magnetite as well with the same biological methods.


National Polytechnic Institute IPN and the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM. University of Nottingham.

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AIN (Navarra Industry Association) is part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which is aimed at providing services to enterprises (especially SMEs), technology centres and universities, and in general the entire regional business community, to support on issues related to competitiveness, promoting innovation, internationalization, information, legislation, and business cooperation.

AIN's Center of Advanced Surface Engineering is staffed by a well-trained team of senior and young researchers with near 20 years of experience in different fields of materials sciences and surface treatments.

The core technologies of the Center are:

  • Low friction, anti-stick coatings for micro-manufacturing tools and moulds. Coatings for metal-injection moulding
  • Plasma and Ion Beam treatments of prosthetic and orthopaedic materials: (hip joints, stents, intramedular nails, bio-resolvable thermoplastics)
  • Decorative functional and optical coatings: colour matching, clean technologies, anti-bacterial surfaces, anti-fouling; coatings for flexible substrates
  • Coatings for energy: coatings for bi-polar plates of PEM fuel cells; solar selective coatings on rigid and flexible substrates

S. Cosme and S. Damián,
s / n 31 191 Cordovilla-Pamplona Navarra,
Tel +34 948 42 11 01


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AkzoNobel are one of the world’s leading industrial companies. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they make and supply a wide range of paints, coatings and specialty chemicals – 2008 revenue totalled €15.4 billion.

In fact, they are the largest global paints and coatings company. As a major producer of specialty chemicals they supply industries worldwide with quality ingredients for life’s essentials. They think about the future, but act in the present. They’re passionate about introducing new ideas and developing sustainable answers for their customers.

That's why their 60,000 employees – who are based in more than 80 countries – are committed to excellence and delivering Tomorrow’s Answers Today™

They believe in:

  • Our customers' future first
  • Embracing entrepreneurial thinking
  • Developing the talents of our people
  • The courage and curiosity to question
  • Integrity and responsibility in our actions

AkzoNobel is committed to sustainability at all levels.


  • Nanotechnology hydrotalcite for flame retardancy enhancement and improved physical properties of various polymers
  • Herbol Symbiotec – nanotechnology based, dirt repellent wall paint
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Alba Innovation Centre

The Alba Innovation Centre is a technology incubator owned by Scottish Enterprise (SE) and operated on behalf of SE by Innovation Centres Scotland (ICS). The Centre provides early stage technology companies with:

• Access to like minded technology entrepreneurs;
• On-site advisory support (Alba Incubation Service);
• Fully furnished, fully serviced office accommodation on flexible terms.


Over past three years of a gloomy economic climate companies based in the Alba Innovation Centre have near doubled turnover, raised in excess of £5m seed/early stage finance and created 47 high quality jobs.

Stephen Morris

Anne-Marie Taylor


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API Group

API Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative foils and security holographics used in a wide range of sectors for both the enhancement and protection of products and brands.

An established force in the market with more than 30 years of experience and over 500 employees in 14 locations worldwide, we combine design, origination and manufacturing expertise to supply foils and films from security and quality accredited sites in Salford, England and Livingston, Scotland.

Our product is complex and technologically advanced and our research laboratories are continuously working on product innovation. We are always looking to learn from co-operation with others, to develop new solutions and innovative applications in order to provide our customers with an improved product and better service.

Products and Services

  • Decorative Foils, Laminating Film, Security Holographics
  • Achievements

  • Contact us for confidential discussions
  • Collaborations

  • Interested in developing new partnerships

    David Jarvis

    Pamela Cairns

    API Holographics +44 (0)161 789 8131
    API Foils +44 (0)1506 438611

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    Artash Composite

    Artash Composite is a newly established company which specializes in manufacturing of spot welding electrodes & cap tips used for robotic welding in car body assembly lines and similar applications. These and other parts like submerged arc welding tips are made from our nano material called "ARTRODE". ARTRODE which is also manufactured in the company is pure copper reinforced by Nano particles of a refractory oxide (alumina). It has strength of steel and conductivity of pure copper and it is unique in that it retains these properties after being exposed to temperatures as high as 1000 degrees centigrade. ARTRODE has a broad range of applications in industry especially at high temperatures and severe conditions. It is noteworthy that all the machinery,tooling and production technology has been developed by company engineers.

    Main Contact Name: Chairman Arash Kamankesh
    Position: In charge of R&D,Q.C.
    Department: Production
    Telephone: +98 21 88881134, +98 21 88884828
    Address: 110 First Floor-No 450-West Mirdamad Ave.-Tehran-Iran
    Town/City: Tehran
    Post Code: 1969773454
    Country: Iran

    Product and Services

    • Copper-Al2o3 Nano composite rod and the parts made from it like spot welding electrode tips and Submerged Arc Welding contact tubes
    • Copper & Copper alloys powder
    • High conductivity copper strips


    Iran's top owner of Nano technology in 2010.


    SHARIF univesity of technology,Dpt.of advanced materials-RAZI metallurgical center.

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    Bergeson & Campbell

    Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C) is an AV-rated (highest ranking) Washington, D.C. law firm focusing on conventional and nanoscale industrial, agricultural, and specialty chemical product regulation and approval matters, product defense, and associated business issues.

    B&C's consulting affiliates, The Acta Group, L.L.C. (Acta) and The Acta Group EU, Ltd (Acta EU), were established to control the spiraling costs and inefficiencies encountered by clients seeking approvals to market chemicals, products of nanotechnology and biotechnology, and medical device products in global markets. Acta and Acta EU manage products from concept to approval, utilizing the skills and experience of professionals who have worked in the specific product areas in government and industry. Acta and Acta EU represent the following disciplines: regulatory affairs, with particularized expertise with REACH; toxicology; and government affairs. Acta and Acta EU professionals have experience in regulations affecting chemical product approvals under North American (USA, Canada, and Mexico), European Union, South American, Asian, and Pacific Rim regulatory programs. They regularly track significant legislative, administrative, and scientific initiatives that relate to the business of clients marketing chemicals and medical products for multiple uses.

    Main Contact Name: Lynn L. Bergeson, Esquire
    Position: Managing Director
    Telephone: (202) 557-3800
    Address: 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 100W
    Town City: Washington, D.C.
    Post Code: 20037
    Country: United States

    Product and Services

    Legal consulting; chemical product advocacy and consulting; product registration.


    Ms. Bergeson's achievements include: awarded the APEX Award of Excellence for Washington Watch column in 2009 and 2010; listed in U.S. News - Best Law Firms first-tier ranking for environmental law in Washington, D.C. (2010); selected as one of Law360's Five Most Admired Environmental Attorneys (2010); listed in The Chambers USA: American's Leading Lawyers for Business (2005-2010); listed in Washingtonian's List of Top Lawyers (2009); listed in The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers (2009); included in the List of Top Ten Experts in Environment, Health, and Safety Issues Related to Engineered Nanomaterials in Nanotechnology Law & Business (2009); listed in Super Lawyers in the specialties of environmental and administrative law (2009); and listed in The Best Lawyers in America ® in the specialty of environmental law (2009).


    Life Plus, LLC; Cardno ENTRIX, Inc.; Caleb Management Services, Ltd.; China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC); and Charles Auer & Associates, LLC .

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    Endeavour Aerospace Pty Ltd

    Endeavour Aerospace provides specialist advice and assistance to the aerospace and related industries. We enable our clients to improve and extend their business through innovation and the application of sound commercial management practices. These services are focussed on achieving client corporate objectives.

    We have a track record of success in helping organisations to improve business performance, develop new capability and capture new opportunities in Australia and internationally.

    Main Contact Name: Mark Graham
    Position: Owner/Director
    Department: Corporate
    Telephone: +61 403 175 621
    Address: 13 Mossfiel Drive, Hoppers Crossing
    Town/City: Melbourne, Victoria
    Post Code: 3029
    Country: Australia

    Product and Services

    Business management services in the areas of commercial management, corporate risk and compliance, systems engineering, quality systems, and innovation in technology.


    Provided commercial services to an Australian listed company to secure a long term contract manufacturing composite structure for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program valued at AU$700m over the life of the program. This included building complex cost and price models, advising on commercial and US Federal Acquisition Regulation contract terms, and participating in contract negotiations.

    Establishing the commercial framework and arrangements of a research and development centre in Australia for a major global aerospace corporation. It enabled the company to consolidate its annual multi-million dollar R&E expenditure previously fragmented through multiple partnerships and outsourced providers. This work included business case assessment, cost modelling and negotiating commercial instruments to establish the operation. We also completed an assessment of the cost benefit of the existing R&D expenditure and risk associated with that activity, and presented a business case to the Managing Director to approve discontinuing the current programs and consolidation into the R&D centre.

    Completed due diligence on the engineering capabilities of an aerospace engineering business targeted for acquisition by a tier 1 Australian infrastructure and Defence manufacturing company.

    Reviewed a AU$3.5m ICT project implementing an integrated product data system into a AU$5bn ship building project. Assessed risk to achievement of project objectives including financial return and performance against budget and schedule. This work resulted in adjustments to the project implementation plan and resource allocation leading to a successful project implementation.

    Upgraded transacting framework and commercial processes for the Australian subsidiary of a major global aircraft manufacturer. This included the development of formal delegation of authority between the US parent and Australian Board of Directors of the subsidiary to close gaps in the governance framework. Commercial processes were streamlined and substantially improved to ensure consistency and integrity of transactions approved by Directors ranging up to multi-billion dollar value projects.


    Nano Modified Composite Material

    This new project aims to identify the optimum nano material between graphene platelets and nano-tubes to functionalise the material for structural health monitoring and deliver imrpoved mechanical properties of the composite material. The project also aims to prove the processes/techniques required to disperse and align nano material in a controlled way to enable electrical pathway to be created to support structural health monitoring without the introduction of other systems such as optic fibres. Additional objectives include proving that the electrical pathway created can be connected to a sensor and that differences in electrical current correlates to static load in the structure, and also proving that the integrity of the structure is not diminished by the creation of the electrical pathway.


    This project aimed to develop and demonstrate advanced space platform technologies using a multipurpose orbital platform constructed using Nano Modified Composite Material (NMCM), advanced prototyping engineering processes, sub orbital systems testing and virtual testing algorithms. Partenrs included Monash University and Australasian Rocket Engineers Pty Ltd.

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    Exilica Limited

    Based in Coventry, the company manufacturers micron size polymer neads and hollow nano silice shells. Both particle types can be loaded with actives which slow release when the particles are incorporated in to other matrices. Examples of applications are in cosmetics, over the counter medicines and plastics. Typical actives can be fragrances, UV agents, anti microbials and insect repellents.

    Products and Services: Manufacturer of micron sized polmer beads and hollow nano silica shells. Development of applications for particles. Contract research.

    Achievements: Lord Stafford Awards finalist 2009.

    Collaborations: Numerous with major companies aimed at developing applications for the products.


    Dr. Norman Leece,
    Managing Director,
    The Technocentre, Puma Way,
    CV1 2TT,

    Dr. Norman Leece at
    Telephone: 00 44 (0) 1789 751337

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    FENAC - Facility for Environmental Nanoparticle Analysis and Characterisation, University of Birmingham

    The Facility for Environmental Nanoparticle Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC) is a NERC funded facility located at the University of Birmingham. The Facility is a joint project between two colleges (Life and Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Physical Sciences) and several Schools and research centres (Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences, Biosciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, and the Centre for Electron Microscopy).

    The aim of this facility is to produce reliable data analysing nanoparticles under realistic conditions for the better understanding of biological and environmental impacts of manufactured nanoparticles. The facility will perform physico-chemical characterisation and analysis in the whole of the environmental nanoscience area but will focus on collaborative research with ecotoxicologists and toxicologists working in the field of nanotoxicology using techniques and methods such as electron and force microscopy, field flow fractionation and various spectroscopic methods.

    It is becoming increasingly important to understand the risks nanoparticles present to the environment. The Facility for Nanoparticle Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC) offers a service to produce reliable data analysing nanoparticles under realistic conditions for the better understanding of biological and environmental impacts of manufactured nanoparticles.

    Based at the University of Birmingham the facility boasts access to state-of-the-art equipment and aims to work collaboratively with researchers and industry, allowing manufacturers and distributors of nanoparticles to look at risk management and monitoring as global and regional regulations develop.

    Facility for Environmental Nanoparticle Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC),
    School of Geography , Earth and Environmental Sciences
    University of Birmingham,
    B15 2TT
    Telephone: +44 (0)121 4146989
    Fax: +44 (0)121 413078

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    University of Glasgow

    Nanotechnology at The University of Glasgow brings together the expertise of more than 70 academics to influence the emergent technologies of the 21st century. We specialise in multi-disciplinary research and development in four key areas:

    • nanotechnology for medical and biotechnology
    • fabrication and characterisation of nanoscale technologies
    • nanotechnology for structural and functional materials
    • nano-electronics and opto-electronics

    The University has been pushing the frontiers of nano-scale technologies forward for more than 30 years. Transcending the traditional subject boundaries of physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and earth science, their work is highly interdisciplinary and has established a number of world records in nano-scale science and technology.

    Based on the strength of their research excellence in nanotechnology, The University of Glasgow is one of only 2 Scottish universities to win an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Knowledge Transfer Account which provides support to ensure that research is exploited to maximum effect. The KTA is able to provide financial support for collaborative projects and help organisations and businesses access the University's nanotechnology skills, knowledge and experience.

    The University has a long history of working with industry through mechanisms such as collaborative research, contract research, consultancy and training.

    Main Contact Name: Dr Neil Bowering
    Position: KTA Manager
    Department: Research and Enterprise
    Telephone: 0141 330 8688
    Address: 10 The Square
    Town/City: Glasgow
    Post Code: G12 8QQ
    Country: UK

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    Hosokawa Micron Limited

    Main Contact Name: Stewart Bryan
    Position: Business Team Manager
    Department: FCM
    Telephone: +44 (0)1928 755100
    Address: Rivington Road, Whitehouse Industrial Estate,
    Town/City: Runcorn, Cheshire
    Post Code: WA7 3DS
    Country: England, UK

    Products and Services

    Hosokawa Micron Limited, located in Runcorn, is a member of the Hosokawa Micron Group. With diverse demands within the various sectors of product fineness, pristine and product process efficiency and increased product functionality Hosokawa Micron have pioneered new technologies, new equipment and new integrated processing systems to meet these demands.

    Hosokawa Micron offers their testing facilities for nanomaterials synthesis and nanomaterial composite production/dispersion.

    Nanomaterials Synthesis

    NANOCREATER - Continuously produces metal oxide nanoparticles through the Hosokawa Micron original build up method. The resultant particle size can be adjusted in the size range from a few nm to a few hundred nm, and various types of nanoparticles can be created - single component and multi-components/composites.

    Hosokawa Micron FCM (Flash Creation Method)

    Raw material - liquid mixture - is fed with the reaction gas in to the reactor. The raw material is then vaporized and nanoparticles are generated by a chemical reaction in the gas phase with the assistance of flame emission. The critical step of the process is to collect the nanoparticles by rapid quenching before the occurrence of grain growth or particle agglomeration appears.

    The system has the advantage of producing various kinds of high purity nanoparticles at a rate of several kgs per hour.

    Nanomaterial Composite / Dispersion

    Mechanofusion TM / NOBILTA- Can produce solid-solid composite materials/ dispersion nanoparticles using MCB (MechanoChemicalBonding) technology that is dry process without any binders by only applying mechanical energy. This is also a multi- functional processing unit for precision mixing , particle surface modification and shape enhancement.

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    Huntsman Polyurethanes is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. Its operating companies manufacture products for a variety of global industries, including chemicals, plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, footwear, paints and coatings, construction, technology, agriculture, health care, detergent, personal care, furniture, appliances and packaging.

    Originally known for pioneering innovations in packaging and, later, for rapid and integrated growth in petrochemicals, Huntsman today has more than 11,000 employees and operates from multiple locations worldwide.  The Company had 2009 revenues of approximately $8 billion.

    Huntsman Polyurethanes,
    Everslaan 45,
    3078 Everberg
    Telephone: +32 2 7589691


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    Izon Science Ltd

    Izon Science Ltd provide the world's most accurate and comprehensive nanoparticle analysis instruments.

    We have developed a very precise measurement solution for particle-by-particle characterization of virtually all particles including nanoparticles, viruses, bacteria and bioparticles such as exosomes and liposomes.

    This game-changing technology offers this accuracy and precision at a price that is around a third of alternative technologies.

    Particle size, concentration, electrophoretic mobility and aggregation can all be analysed. Accurate monitoring of subtle changes in the characteristics of particle sets allows interactions between particles and particles and biomolecules to be measured in real time.

    We are valued for the collaborative approach we take with our users, helping advance research in a wide range of fields including - gene therapy, drug delivery, diagnostics development, microbiology, and industrial research applications.

    Main Contact Name: Dr Dimitri Aubert
    Position: Director Europe, Middle East & Africa
    Telephone: Tel: +44 (0)1865 309666
    Address: Begbroke Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Oxford University Begbroke Science Park,
    Town/City: Sandy Lane, Yarnton
    Post Code: OX5 1PF
    Country: UK

    Products and Services

    The revolutionary qNano brings Izon's proprietary scanning ion occlusion sensing (SIOS) platform to the researcher's bench-top. qNano is a nanoparticle research instrument which provides previously unavailable particle detection and measurement capabilities, tunable from micro to molecular scales.

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    Kelvin Nanotechnology

    At Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd (KNT) provide nanofabrication solutions to industry and academia delivered through the state of the art James Watt Nanofabrication Centre (JWNC). They specialise in high resolution, large area, multi-level electron beam lithography for applications such as transistor gate writing, imprint masks, optical elements, photonic crystals, nanotextured surfaces and many more.

    With the proliferation of nanotechnology into new application spaces, KNT is constantly expanding and developing their industrially facing processes and technology.

    They are keen to learn about your applications and technical challenges and how they might use their expertise and experience to satisfy your micro and nanofabrication needs.

    Main Contact Name: Mr Gordon Mills
    Position: Business Manager
    Telephone: +44 (0)141 330 4869
    Address: Rankine Building, Oakfield Avenue,
    Town/City: Glasgow
    Post Code: G12 8LT
    Country: UK
    Product and Services: Electron beam lithography, prototyping, contract research, imprint stamps, thermal SPM probes

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    Kolektor Nanotesla Institute is a R&D center that builds on significant expertise in field of nanomaterials and composites, microwave applications and magnetism. This is further enhanced by years of industrial background and substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment.

    Nanotesla Institute was founded by several companies and research institutions in order to:

    • perform R&D activities in the field of nanomaterials and nanomagnetism
    • collaborate with research institutions in advancing research to prototype level
    • promote collaboration between industry and academia on specific industrial R&D projects
    • help in transferring new technologies to production line
    • cooperate with faculties in hands-on education

    Fields of operation:

    • nanomaterials
    • magnetic fluids
    • soft magnetic materials
    • materials for microwave applications
    • composites on basis of thermoplasts and duroplasts
    • microwave characterisation of materials

    Founding partners: Trust Kolektor (main founder); Kolektor Magma; Magneti

    We are open to other partners and investors.

    KOLEKTOR Nanotesla Institut,
    Stegne 29,
    1521 Ljubljana,
    Telephone: +386 1 5833 122
    Fax: +386 1 5833 231

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    Malvern Instruments

    Malvern Instruments is the world leading company supplying colloid and nanoparticle characterization equipment. Malvern manufactures and supports a range of particle analysis, size exclusion chromatography and rheological instrumentation for the characterization of particulates and disperse systems, nanomaterials and macromolecules, both in the laboratory and on-line for real time process optimisation.

    The parameters characterised by the systems include:

    • Particle size distribution
    • Particle shape
    • Zeta potential
    • Molecular weight
    • Molecular size
    • Molecular structure
    • Rheological properties
    • Chemical identification

    The company's products have been applied in sectors as diverse as pharmaceutical drug discovery, bio-therapeutics, nanoparticle characterisation and cement production.

    Based in Malvern, UK, Malvern Instruments has subsidiary organizations in all major European markets, North America, China, Korea and Japan, a joint venture in India, a global distributor network and applications laboratories around the world.

    The website is a significant free resource for application information, education, training and live Webinar events.

    Nanoparticles information:

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    University of Minho

    The Centre of Physics of the University of Minho (CFUM) is composed of scientists conducing research in Physics and adjacent fields, teaching staff members of the Department of Physics of the University of Minho and some other universities, some 10 full time researchers with PhD hired in the “Ciência 2007/08” program, and more than 30 post-docs and PhD students. The scientific activity of the Center is focused in four research areas, (i) Condensed Matter Physics, (ii) Thin Films and Applications,(iii) Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, and (iv) Optometry. The Centre has some 33 research laboratories and is organized in 7 research groups.

    Main Contact Name: Full Professor, Mikhail Vasilevskiy
    Position: Director of the Center of Physics
    Department: Department of Physics
    Telephone: +351-253604060
    Address: Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar
    Town/City: Braga
    Post Code: 4710-057 Braga
    Country: Portugal


    (i)Theoretical results on the electronic and optical properties of graphene, including the conductivity of disordered graphene, light absorption and electrical control of the intensity of light reflected by a graphene layer, have been obtained;
    (ii) Application of full counting statistics technique to quantum ballistic transport in strongly correlated electron systems;
    (iii) A Landau model for the phase diagrams of the rare-earth multiferroic manganites was developed;
    (iv) The dielectric properties of multiferroic composites and the high-field magnetoresistance of CMR manganite films were studied;
    (v) Nitrogen plasmas have been studied by computer simulations;
    (vi) A coarse-grained model to investigate aggregation of bile salts and a multiscale model for the functioning of hybrid inorganic-organic electronic devices have been developed;
    (vii) Strain sensors on polyimide using the piezoresistivity of doped nanocrystalline silicon have been developed;
    (viii) A new method to visualize graphene and few-layer graphite sheets has been developed;
    (ix) ZnO films doped with Mn, Ga e Al have been fabricated and their optical, electrical, and magnetic properties studied;
    (x) Electroactive polymer based composites and nanofibers composed by ferroelectric and non-linear optical materials were produced and characterized;
    (xi) Films based on Si1-x Gex nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 e Al2O3 matrices have been grown and studied;
    (xii) CdSe/TiO2 core-shell nanoparticles have been synthesized for photodegradation with visible light;
    (xiii) High transparent hybrid organic-inorganic materials for optical applications have been developed;
    (xiv) Photocatalytic titanium dioxide has been optimized and implemented in building materials and textile fibers with photocatalytic activity and self-cleaning function;
    (xv) Dye-sensitized solar cells based on TiO2 nanoparticles, a TCO’s (GZO) and a new natural red dye have been developed, as well as TCO (based in GZO) thin films films for switchable shading appliances;
    (xvi) A new route for the synthesis and functionalization of metallic and oxides nanoparticles (Ni, Fe, Ag, Fe2O3) as labels for bacterial biosensing and antibacterial activities has been developed;
    (xvii) A three layers stack for selective absorption of the solar irradiation for a maximum working temperature of 200 ºC is being developed;
    (xviii) Doped VO2-based thermochromic thin films for Energy Efficient Windows have been produced and characterized;
    (xix) Two new kinds of opacifiers have been indentified in Portuguese azulejos;
    (xx) Ag-TiCN coatings with 20 % inhibition of S. Epidermidis colonization and 17 % with C. Albicans colonization, have been developed;
    (xxi) The lipid polymorphism of DODAB/Monoolein mixed systems with application in DNA transfection has been studied;
    (xxii) Drug diffusion through dialysis membranes monitored by FRET has been studied;
    (xxiii) The contact lens hydrophobicity and roughness effects on bacterial adhesion have been investigated.


    Extensive list of research universities and enterprises (available on request).

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    Mittal Enterprises

    Mittal Enterprises has distinction in manufacturing Nanofluid Interferometer, Ultrasonic Interferometers and other scientific equipments for Research and Laboratory experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Polymer Science and Material Science departments of Engineering colleges, Post Graduate colleges and Universities.

    Main Contact Name: Raman Mittal
    Position: Overseas Business Manager
    Department: Sales Department
    Telephone: +1-408-421-0617
    Address: 2151/T-7C,
    New Patel Nagar,
    Town/City: Delhi
    Post Code: 110008
    Country: India

    Products and Services:

    • Nano Fluid Interferometer
    • Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus
    • Low Power high frequency sonicator
    • Ultrasonic Interferometer For Liquids
    • Ultrasonic Interferometer For Solids


    • Mr. R.K.Mittal is inducted in the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England as the leading Scientist of the World - 2011, for his efforts in the Arena of Education & Instrumentation of Ultrasonics & Nanotechnology.
    • More than 50 papers published using our instruments.


    • Collaborated with Nano Materials manufacturer Sun-Innovations Inc. in California, USA.
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    Nano Doctoral Training Centre

    This centre aims to produce a new sort of PhD student, trained over 4 years in many advanced Nano techniques, innovation and business practice, as well as novel science. We emphasise cross-disciplinary training in the Physical Sciences, including Chemistry, Physics, Materials and Engineering and accept applicants of the highest calibre from these backgrounds.

    Main Contact Name: Dr David Snoswell
    Position: Teaching Fellow
    Department: Physics
    Telephone: 01223 3761669
    Address: Cavendish Laboratories, J J Thomson Ave
    Town City: Cambridge
    Post Code: CB3 0HE
    Country: UK
    Product and Services: PhD Training

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    NanoInk, Inc., headquartered in the Illinois Science + Technology Park, north of Chicago, is an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and applications development for the life sciences, engineering, pharmaceutical, and education industries. Using Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®), a patented and proprietary nanofabrication technology, scientists are enabled to rapidly and easily create micro-and nanoscale structures from a variety of materials on a range of substrates. This low cost, easy to use and scalable technique brings sophisticated nanofabrication to the laboratory desktop.

    Main Contact Name: Dr Robert Marchmont
    Position: General Manager, EMEA Region
    Department: NanoFabrication Division
    Telephone: +44 191 280 9162 (office) +44 7595 893 236 (mobile)
    Address: 8025 Lamon Avenue
    Town City: Skokie
    Post Code: IL 60077
    Country: USA
    Product and Services:

    The NanoFabrication Systems Division provides core desktop instrumentation and application expertise for current and future applications of DPN.

    The Nano BioDiscovery Division provides instruments, assay kits, and contract services for nanoscale protein detection using DPN technology.

    The NanoStem™ Cell Division aims to revolutionize the utility of stem cells through the application of DPN nanopatterning.

    The NanoProfessor™ Division provides a complete nanotechnology educational solution including a suite of instruments, interdisciplinary-based curriculum, cutting-edge labs, and comprehensive educator and program support developed to extend hands-on nanotechnology education to the undergraduate classroom.

    The NanoGuardian™ Division uses NanoEncryption™ technology to offer pharmaceutical customers a state-of-the-art on-dose brand security solution to fight counterfeiting and illegal diversion.


    NanoInk currently has over 250 patents and applications filed worldwide.


    NanoInk currently has licensing agreements with Northwestern University, Stanford University, University of Strathclyde, University of Liverpool, California Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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    Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN)

    The NanoKTN is one of the UK's primary knowledge-based networks for micro and nanotechnologies.

    The NanoKTN supports the exploitation and commercialisation of Micro and Nanotechnologies (MNT) by informing, facilitating innovation and encouraging collaborations between suppliers and users.

    The activities of the NanoKTN cover:

    • Healthcare & Life Sciences
    • ICT-Hardware
    • Engineering Applications
    • Chemical & Consumer Products
    • Metrology, Instrumentation & Standards

    Main Contact Name: Dr Toby Gill
    Position: Digital Communications & Metrics Manager
    Telephone: +44 (0)1740 625 790
    Address: NanoKTN, PETEC, Thomas Wright Way, NETPark
    Town City: Sedgefield
    Post Code: TS21 3FG
    Country: UK
    Product and Services:

    Membership to the NanoKTN is free of charge and includes benefits such as discounted rates for NanoKTN events, access to member-only areas on the website which includes event presentations and reports, and a free listing in the NanoKTN Directory.

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    Nanonext Ltd

    Nanonext is a fast growing UK company, which focuses on the development and distribution of high end nanotechnology based products for industrial and domestic use. We provide a range of Nanostructured multifunctional Surface Coatings & cleaners for all types of materials/surfaces including glass, ceramic, steel, plastic , concrete , granite, textile etc. The coatings add new properties to surfaces which in turn make them more durable and efficient.

    Nanostructured coatings can be used on materials to make them:

    • Easy To Clean (Protect surface from dirt. Stains and other contaminants , resist micro organisms from adhering to surface etc) resulting in very less use of chemicals to clean & maintain to a high degree of hygiene
    • fire retardant or increase the heat bearing capacity (including textile, paper, cartons, synthetic, all absorbent surfaces etc)
    • Anti-Static or Anti-Condensation
    • Anti Microbial
    • Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic
    • Anti-Viral
    • And much more with numerous commercial and domestic applications

    We also showcase a host of Consumer products for domestic and professional use from Rain Repellent windscreen coatings to shoe polish to Anti-Viral cleaning solutions. Nanonext is licensed distributor of Percenta AG Nanotechnology solutions Germany for more information please visit our website.

    Main Contact Name: Mr P Riaz Mohammed
    Position: Director
    Department: Operations
    Telephone: 01494 616003
    Address: Aston Court, Kingsmead Business Park
    Town/City: High Wycombe
    Post Code: HP11 1LA
    Country: UK

    Product and Services:

    NanoStructured Surface Protective Coatings and Cleaning Products


    Percenta AG Nanotechnology Solutions, Germany
    Nanonext Impex Pvt Limited, India

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    Nanoshel LLC

    NANOSHEL LLC (USA Based Company), specializes in Research and Development (R&D), Production and Distribution of high-grade industrial carbon nanotubes. It has its own R&D center, and by integrating production with industrialisation, the company cooperates with colleges and scientific institutions with regard to the projects of the nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.

    NANOSHEL™ is developing new methods for rapidly testing bulk carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for chemical purity and homogeneity. The different synthesis methods used to produce these materials create different mixtures of tube geometries, alongwith varying amounts of carbonaceous and metallic impurities. New inspection techniques used by NANOSHEL™ enable material benchmarking, process optimisation and quality control. Ensuring material quality is the first step towards widespread commercialisation of these materials.

    The company's sustaining R&D capability provides a strong guarantee that the product quality is in line with international practices.

    Main Contact Name: Mr. Abhishek Gupta
    Position: GM - Sales - Asia
    Department: Sales & Marketing
    Telephone: +91-9779880077
    Address: Plot No 211, Setcor 12
    Town/City: Panchkula - Haryana
    Post Code: 134109
    Country: India

    Products and Services

    Nanomaterial - SWCNT, MWCNT, Metal Nano Particles, Oxide Nano Particles Manufacturing and selling worldwide from United States


    First company having Nanotechnology Setup of its Kind in Asia and United States


    Various Research Institutes around the world

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    The nanotechnology promise: are you ready?

    We care for your nanotechnological products and recognize the related concerns and questions on safety. Understanding these concerns allows you to address and avoid potentially undesired health and environmental effects of nanomaterials.

    The characterization lab of NovioNano offers a wide range of tools to help identifying or optimizing nanoproducts. NovioNano can deliver on site exposure measurements using state of the art equipment and aid in nano hazard analyses.

    Main Contact Name: Ferdy Bremmer
    Position: Business Developer
    Telephone: +31 (0)6 52 63 75 11
    Address: P.O.Box 22
    Town/City: Geleen
    Post Code: 6160MD
    Country: Netherlands

    Products and Services

    Nanocharacterization and nano-exposure measurements. Nanotoxicological analysis available.


    Various inventories and gap analysis for a multinational - characterization of a nano-containing consumer product involved in an accident - FDA masterfile preparation for a nano-containing product - nanomaterial analyses for a variety of applications.


    Multiple, ranging from academic institutions, SMEs and large corporations

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    The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is one of the UK's leading science and research facilities. It is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate standards, science and technology available.

    NPL occupies a unique position as the UK's National Measurement Institute and sits at the intersection between scientific discovery and real world application. Its expertise and original research have underpinned quality of life, innovation and competitiveness for UK citizens and business for more than a century:

    • NPL provides companies with access to world-leading support and technical expertise, inspiring the absolute confidence required to realise competitive advantage from new materials, techniques and technologies;
    • NPL expertise and services are crucial in a wide range of social applications - helping to save lives, protect the environment and enable citizens to feel safe and secure. Support in areas such as the development of advanced medical treatments and environmental monitoring helps secure a better quality of life for all;
    • NPL develops and maintains the nation's primary measurement standards, supporting an infrastructure of traceable measurement throughout the UK and the world, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

    Main Contact Name: Dr Kamal Hossain
    Position: Director, Research & International
    Department: Research & International
    Telephone: +44 (0)208 943 6474
    Address: Hampton Road
    Town/City: Teddington, Middlesex
    Post Code: TW11 0LW
    Country: UK

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    P2i Limited

    P2i is the world leader in liquid-repellent nano-coating technology.

    Our revolutionary plasma process dramatically reduces the surface energy of a material, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. This enables our customers to dramatically improve the performance of their products by protecting them from the effects of water and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel.

    P2i has two consumer brands for its technology:

    • ion-mask™, for footwear, outdoor clothing and accessories
    • Aridion™, for consumer electronics. For industrial applications, the technology is covered by the corporate P2i brand

    P2i's headquarters, which are based in the UK, encompass R&D, machine build, processing and administration. P2i Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of P2i, is based at the Herty Advanced Material Development Center in Savannah, Georgia, and is fully equipped to provide demonstration, sampling and processing facilities.

    The P2i name reflects the three core benefits provided by our technology: Perform, Protect, Improve.

    Main Contact Name: Dr Stephen Coulson
    Position: Chief Technical Officer
    Department: Technical
    Telephone: 01235 833100
    Address: 127 North, Milton Park
    Town/City: Abingdon
    Post Code: OX14 4SA
    Country: UK

    Product and Services:

    P2i is primariliy an intellectutal property licensing business and delivers whole solutions for providing functional nano-coatings to a wide variety of products.

    Tests show that P2i's technology can deliver performance benefits for a wide range of materials, including polymers, metals, fabrics, leather, ceramics, glass and paper. Even complex, 3D objects incorporating several different materials can be treated successfully. P2i's technology from liquid repellent properties has already been proven in the following product categories:

    • Footwear
    • Performance textiles
    • Eyewear
    • Consumer electronics
    • Bio-consumables
    • Filtration
    • Engineered textiles
    • Engineered glass & ceramics


    Some of 2010's Highlights: Global workforce doubled; Acquisition of Surface Innovations Ltd with a large, functional nano-coating patent portfolio; Global operational presence now established across Europe, North America and Asia; Two new US offices and sales teams for industrial and electronics markets; Three of the world's five largest hearing aid maufacturers use AridionTM; The opening of our first ASPAC office.


    Nike, adidas, Timberland, K Swiss, Global Armour and many more.

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    Polytec Limited

    Non Contact Vibration Measurement using Laser Doppler by Polytec Limited

    Vibration Measurement equipment by Polytec provides high-technology, laser-based measurement solutions to researchers and engineers for non-destructive testing (NDT). Our market leading non-contact, laser based vibration and velocity measurement technology has become very sophisticated. All of our light-based vibration and velocity measurement systems are simple to operate with a point and shoot capability.

    Polytec offers you a way to improve vibration measurements, correlate FEA models and reduce development time for many applications including; noise, vibration and harshness testing (NVH). See results as intuitive 3 Dimensional colour maps on all surface types from; small, fragile, hot, rotating and large surface areas.

    Why measure with a laser? Fast, Precise, Flexible, Weightless and Universal.


    Alternatively, visit our web academy. Here you can find discussions on special issues like acoustics, micro device testing, experimental modal analysis, rotational vibrations, ultrasonic’s, biological and medical applications?

    Main Contact Name: Joe Armstrong
    Position: Sales Manager
    Department: UK and Ireland Sales
    Telephone: +44 1582 711 670
    Address: Lambda House, Batford Mill
    Town/City: Harpenden
    Post Code: AL5 5BZ
    Country: UK

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    PT Propadu Konair Tarahubun

    Fertilizer Manufacturer

    First Dioxin-Free® Certified Plantation Technology


    Main Contact Name: Dr. Supeno Surija, Ph.D
    Position: CEO & Head of Research

    Sales Contact Name: Roderick Bastian
    Sales E-mail:
    Telephone: +62 811615525
    Address: Jln. Gaperta 234 C/D
    Town/City: Medan
    Post Code: 20125
    Country: Indonesia

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    SAFENANO is the UK’s Micro- and Nano-technology Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology Safety and is based at the UK’s Institute of Occupational Medicine.

    We bring together multidisciplinary expertise in hazard assessment, exposure, toxicology, occupational hygiene and risk assessment, to facilitate the responsible development of safe nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled products.

    Services from SAFENANO include:

    • Due diligence with nanotechnology risks - designed to help industry, commerce and the public sector maintain a healthy workplace and to comply with health and safety legislation
    • Product safety and toxicology services for nanomaterials - developed from many years of experience in particle and fibre hazard assessment
    • Nanoparticle detection and analysis – utilising state-of-the-art instruments for profiling, sampling and characterization of particles released from processes and products
    • Information assessment and review services – covering the breadth of nanotechnology EHS and emerging issues, built on IOM’s many years of conducting reviews and preparing position papers for a variety of audiences in the private and public sector

    Dr Steve Hankin
    Director of Operations

    Institute of Occupational Medicine,
    Research Avenue North,
    Edinburgh EH14 4AP,

    Telephone: +44 (0)131 449 8040 (direct dial)

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    University of Strathclyde

    Main Contact Name: Mrs Carrie Shaw
    Position: Knowledge Transfer Account Portfolio Manager
    Department: Research and Knowledge Exchange Services
    Telephone: 0141 548 4341
    Address: Research and Knowledge Exchange Services, Graham Hills Building, 50 George Street
    Town/City: Glasgow
    Post Code: G1 1QE
    Country: Scotland, UK

    Product and Services

    The University of Strathclyde has Nanotechnology research activity spanning the faculties of Engineering and Science supported by Humanities, Arts and Social Science and the Business School.

    Strathclyde specialises in multi-disciplinary research and development and its Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) will allow new opportunties for collaborative working with businesses and organisations. Key TIC themes involving nanotechnology include Health Technologies; Bionanotechnology; and Advanced Engineering and Manufacture.


    Strathclyde has a long history of working with other businesses and organisations through collaborative or contract research, licensing of University developed technologies, informing policy, consultancy, continuing professional development and providing high quality graduates. Strathclyde is the leading University in Scotland (top 10 UK wide) for delivery of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) with industry and is one of only two Scottish Universities to have been awarded Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) by the Engineering and Physical Research Council to support exploitation of research outputs with industry.


    University of Strathclyde‘s Safety Services leads a National group who are working in Partnership with other Higher Education Institutes, Research Councils and other laboratories involved in research in the field of Nanotechnology, to create UK government approved Occupational Health and Safety Guidance in Working Safely with Nanomaterials.

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    UWI Technology Limited

    UWI Technology has developed the UWI Label, an award winning, patent pending flexible smart label that incorporates an embedded elapse time indicator strip. The UWI Label displays the elapsed time from first opening a jar, container, tube or box.

    Active indicator panels in the UWI Label progressively turn green to show the elapsed time from product first opening. The UWI Label displays red to alert the consumer / user once the recommended "use within" period has expired and the product may no longer be safe to use or consume.

    The desired UWI Label time indication period is set at the point of manufacture. Time ranges can be hours, days, weeks or months currently up to a 6 month total. Periods longer than 6 months are possible subject to further UWI Technology R&D and validation.

    Products and Services

    The UWI Label


    The UWI Label has been recognised throughout 2011 for its ground breaking and innovative technology including:

    • Finalist in John Logie Baird Award for Impact through Innovation
    • Finalist in Nexxus Life Science Award for Innovation
    • Winner of Barclays Take One Small Step
    • Winner of SMART:SCOTLAND Award
    • Finalist in two categories of Vibes Environmental Business Awards (winners still to be announced)


    UWI Technology is currently collaborating with Heriot-Watt University and Epigem Limited

    Main Contact Name: Mr. Pete Higgins
    Position: Founder and CEO
    Telephone: 0131 452 2021
    Address: Lochside House, 3 Lochside Way, Edinburgh Park
    Town/City: Edinburgh
    Post Code: EH12 9DT
    Country: Scotland, UK

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