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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

IoN Corporate Membership enables you to gain profile and network opportunities across a broad cross-section of interested parties, assisting in anticipating market requirement, creating opportunities and developing your business needs. By becoming a Corporate Member, companies ensure that their business interests are represented and heard.

Why should we join the IoN in Corporate Membership?

The Institute of Nanotechnology Corporate Membership offers a range of benefits

The IoN has the greatest breadth of experience and depth of expertise across all aspects of nanotechnology.

As an IoN Corporate Member, you will have access to the most up to date worldwide information on:

  • research and development
  • applications of nanotechnology in your industry
  • government programmes and funding opportunities
  • invitations to events and networking opportunities with the most influential players in the field

Corporate Member Testimonials

"Our membership in IoN provides us with industry news and opportunities to participate in nano technology projects and identify capability partners."

Mark Graham, Director, Endeavour Aerospace

"The main reason for us to join IoN was to have practical support for getting into FP7 (FP8 after 2013). Even though the Centre of Physics at Minho is rather big, at least in Portuguese scale, and interdisciplinary, we have not been very active and successful with European projects and this has to be changed. Therefore we are looking for assistance with finding partners, writing proposals, etc in the fields related to nanotechnology. Now we are discovering other advantages, such as webinars."

Professor Mikhail Vasilevskiy, Director of the Center of Physics, University of Minho

"The forum view the IoN as a key network for members to access the knowledge and expertise which is needed to responsibly develop Occupational Health and Safety guidance. Being a corporate member of the IoN also provides this forum with a valuable route to raising awareness amongst the global nanotechnology sector of their aims and partners in creating this guidance document."

June Freeland, Chair of the UK Nanosafety Forum

"IoN provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about emerging nanotechnologies, network with nano innovators, exchange information on regulatory, science, and policy issues, and share thoughts and conversation on topics of mutual interest. As a law firm deeply committed to the nano community, our corporate membership in IoN is one of our firmís most valuable assets."

Lynn L. Bergeson, Esquire, Principal, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

"Exilica values it's membership of the Institute of Nanotechnology and has appreciated the support that the Institute has offered for the years that Exilica has been a member. Where possible Exilica has contributed to IoN conferences, utilising opportunities provided by the IoN. Exilica also appreciates the role of the NanoMicroClub and the support that it has offered through the years. For these reasons, and a few more, Exilica was happy to renew its membership in the IoN for another year."

Dr Daniel Lynch, Technical Director, Exilica

"The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UKís National Measurement Institute, has been an active member of the Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) since its inception. NPL has found the IoN an invaluable source of information regarding nanotechnology and its impact, and it provides a forum in which researchers can exchange ideas about products, services and standards. NPL is also actively involved in a range of nanotechnology research projects and is one of the key players in the standardisation efforts - partnering with the IoN in this arena is a natural collaboration. NPL also brings a number of institutions and societies to the IoN forum, for example euspen; the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and the Institute of Physics. The IoN also has an extensive worldwide network of contacts which NPL finds invaluable for developing new project and partnerships."

Dr Kamal Hossain, Director of Research & International Co-operation

"Izon Science Ltd are a New Zealand based company, and in September 2010 we opened an office in Oxford under a UK subsidiary company to facilitate access and service to customers in the UK, Ireland and European markets (not very timezone friendly from New Zealand!). Joining the IoN as a corporate member is very useful for us to promote our new presence in the UK nanotechnology market as a UK company in particular. Also to help raise our profile within the nanotechnology community here and to allow us to network with researchers and other business who may benefit from our technology."

Anne Barnett, Business Development Manager, UK & Europe, Izon Science Ltd

"Being a corporate member the Institute of Nanotechnology has been really beneficial in achieving the aims of the KTA. Specifically, involvement in joint networking events with the institute has had real impact in increasing the number of companies we are engaging with. Such events and engagements with the IoN increases our understanding of industrial needs for nanotechnology, which is essential to the commercialisation of our nanotechnology related research at the university."

Dr Neil Bowering, Manager, KTA

"In a world of information and change, it is essential to keep yourself up to date and move with frontiers of knowledge which may be achieved by communications, which is why we have joined the IoN as a Corporate Member."

Arash Kamankesh, Production manager, Artash Composite co.

"EnviroGene has developed a highly functional multi-point tracing system based on nano-particles. It recently joined the Institute of Nanotechnology as a corporate member so as to have access to the Institute's network of members and contacts, and to be able to evaluate potential technology partners and develop new commercial contacts in both the oil/gas and environmental markets."

Alex Korda, Chairman, Envirogene

"To stay abreast in this fast-changing area, it is critical to be a member of the Institute of Nanotechnology. Its broad range of activities and the depth of its understanding of the nano landscape make IoN's offerings unparalleled and essential. IoN's leadership in virtually all aspects of the responsible development of nanotechnology make IoN's role in this area all the more pivotal. That is why B&C joined IoN--to stay in touch, continue its leadership role, and to support an organization that provides essential and timely leadership, information, and networking opportunities."

Lynn L. Bergeson, founding member of Bergeson & Campbell, P.C

"In a constantly evolving and dynamic landscape, we see the IoN as a key network for members to access the knowledge and expertise they need to responsibly develop nanotechnology. Being a corporate member of the IoN provides SAFENANO with a valuable route to raising awareness amongst the nanotechnology sector of our expertise and services in safety and risk assessment."

Dr Steve Hankin, Director of Operations, SAFENANO

"P2i has grown rapidly over the past year, as more companies take advantage of the revolutionary performance improvements our liquid-repellent nano-coating brings to everyday products. Since our acquisition of Surface Innovations earlier this year, the stage is now set for us to achieve our goal of becoming the global leader in functional nano-coatings. I'm delighted P2i has joined the Institute of Nanotechnology, both for the representation it can bring us in the wider world, the common purpose it is catalysing within the industry, and the continual stream of insight it provides."

Dr Stephen Coulson, Chief Technical Officer, P2i

"NanoInk is pleased to renew its Corporate Membership of the Institute of Nanotechnology as we consider them to be an ideal professional partner in helping us achieve our various corporate goals. We have worked closely with them in agreed targeted activities to raise awareness and interest in our product and services offerings as well as creating a valuable network of contacts within our focus areas of nanotechnology."

Dr Robert Marchmont, General Manager, EMEA Region, NanoInk

"NANOGAP joined the IoN as a corporate member to keep up to date with news and developments in the field of nanotechnology, along with participating at the various networking events run or promoted by the Institute."

Dr Allen Reid Executive Director, NanoGap

"We are very excited to be a part of IoN, which provides the best platform for gathering key industry knowledge, networking and sharing ideas in this promising and important field. Nanonext endeavour to develop and market nanotechnology based products that will benefit the society and environment. Our association with IoN will ensure we are able to do this efficiently to a wider market."

P Riaz Mohammed, Director, Nanonext Ltd

"We have found it very beneficial to be an IoN member to help keep us part of a growing international movement to promote the development and use of Nanotechnology. We also feel it's important to have representation from Mexico in an organization like IoN to let other international members know what we are doing in terms of R&D, commercialization and investment opportunities. We may be small on the map compared to other countries, but we exist and are putting together a nanomedicine community for Spanish speakers that is vital to advancing nanomedicine in Latin America."

Milton Jorge Reyes, President / Founder, Milton Jorge International

"Being a corporate member the Institute of Nanotechnology has been really beneficial in achieving the aims of the KTA. Specifically, involvement in joint networking events with the institute has had real impact in increasing the number of companies we are engaging with. Such events and engagements with the IoN increases our understanding of industrial needs for nanotechnology, which is essential to the commercialisation of our nanotechnology related research at the university."

Dr Neil Bowering, Manager of the University of Glasgow KTA

How will Corporate Membership benefit my organisation?

Through networking and education opportunities such as the members only website, club events and mentoring, your company will receive the benefits of competitive edge, investment, cost efficient research, cost savings in production, access to new markets and new alliances.

Your participation in the IoN will also afford you increased industry exposure, access to industry leaders and decision makers, opportunities to provide education to IoN members, opportunities to help shape the future of nano and advanced technologies, access to industry intelligence through news, special interest groups and electronic updates, and much more.

Corporate Membership provides your business with:

  • promotion of your business to a global nanotechnology community
  • access to the most up-to-date worldwide information including: R&D trends; applications of nanotechnology to your industry; government programmes and funding opportunities
  • access to our team of experienced technology analysts
  • access to other services such as proposal writing, consortium building and project management
  • networking opportunities with the global nanotechnology community through events and online focus groups
  • access to a members-only website and members-only events

What speaking opportunities are available for Corporate Members?

All Corporate Members have the opportunity to conduct and participate in IoN webinars. These presentations are one-hour online educational case-study presentations. All IoN members can attend the webinars, and if you miss one, you can find all the slides archived on the website.

Corporate Members are also given the opportunity to present at NanoMicroClub events and are also invited to speak at various IoN events, courses and conferences which take place throughout the year.

Forthcoming IoN members webinars, as well as all other events, can be found on our events page.

Institute of Nanotechnology Corporate Members are given the opportunity to host and participate in live online webinars

Can we post documents and press releases on the web site?

IoN Corporate Members can post their current press releases on the IoN web site; they are housed in the Corporate Member News area of the web site, which is available to all individual members and also on the main IoN site.

Corporate Members can also post white papers, reports and publications in the member section of the IoN web site in the relevant topic area.

Will we be in good company?

The Institute of Nanotechnology is currently working with dozens of organisations in Corporate Membership. From AkzoNobel to NPL, Bergeson & Campbell to the University of Glasgow, feel free to peruse our selection of current Corporate Member profiles.

Download the Corporate Member Service Pack

View the Service Pack as a PDF file, which details the wide variety of services available to members.