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We welcome members at all levels, ranging from Associate to Corporate. Whether you are starting out or already in senior management, our range of membership means that there is a level of membership to suit everyone.

An overview of the four levels of Membership we offer is shown below.

Corporate Membership

Institute of Nanotechnology Corporate Membership

IoN Corporate Membership enables you to gain profile and network opportunities across a broad cross-section of interested parties, assisting in anticipating market requirement, creating opportunities and developing your business needs. By becoming a Corporate Member, companies ensure that their business interests are represented and heard.

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Professional Membership

Institute of Nanotechnology Professional Membership

This category recognises the professional status of our members. Professional Members receive the latest information on networks and funding. Applications, which must include your CV and complete application form, are accepted from those whose careers involve them in nanotechnology.

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Student Membership

Institute of Nanotechnology Student Membership

Whether you are at undergraduate or postgraduate level, if you are studying a nanotechnology-related discipline, Student Membership will provide the knowledge you need, the support you require and the chances to meet people who can advise and assist you in furthering your career.

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Associate Membership

Institute of Nanotechnology Associate Membership

Associate Membership is our base level membership. It offers a range of information and regular updates from the world of nanotechnology. Associate Membership is completely free and open to all.

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Information Provision

As well as the offering a comprehensive range of Membership packages, we also provide intelligence for government and market information for industry, but also act for society as a whole.

For example:

  • Increasing the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nanotechnology by providing information to the public
  • Promoting education and training by supporting educational events, such as the IoN Schools Event in Glasgow Science Centre and the schools event at the ENF Conference ‘Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen 2020’, and endorsing a nanotechnology course recognition scheme
  • Providing educational resources for schools: CD for Schools ‘What is Nanotechnology?’ created; 7,000 distributed free
  • Identifying and coordinating new research projects
  • Creating a support network for pre- start-up/spin-out, and early stage technology enterprises through the NanoMicroClub

Special Interest areas

Participate in various interest areas

Interest areas provide members who are interested in a specific application area or sector, with an opportunity to network, learn and drive forward development within their specialised area of expertise or interest. Featured articles within each section will also allow members to comment, interact and share opinions.

Science and Technology (application area) Sectors
Health and Biotech
News and reports on nanotechnology applications in healthcare including diagnostics, drug delivery systems, sensors, tissue engineering, microfluidics, lab on a chip, pathogen detection systems and materials.
A collection of resources as well as business news.
ICT and security
A focus on the development of nanotechnologies related to circuits, memory and displays, as well as, detection of hazardous materials, responding to crisis events and the identification of personnel and goods.
Updates on instrumentation and centres delivering characterisation facilities.
Clean and green technologies for remediation, purification and sustainability.
Ethical, legal and societal aspects related to nanotechnology.
Transport and Energy
Nanotechnology advances in the aerospace and automotive industries and new applications for the generation and storage of energy.
Environmental, and health & safety implications related to nanotechnology standards, legislation and governance.
The latest news and reports related to the production and use of materials such as carbon nanotubes and nano particles in polymers, coatings, alloys and ceramics.
Policy and Funding
Information on advances and funding for new technologies being developed around the world.
  Education and Training
Reports and news regarding training and skills, the workforce of the future, and industry needs.