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Nanotechnology CDs

CD-ROM: 'What is Nanotechnology?'

1 hour CD-ROM production - 'What Is Nanotechnology?' presents developments in key areas heavily influenced by nanotechnology, including: novel foods, smart clothing, renewable energy, revolutions in medicine, advanced techniques in security & crime detection, new approaches to tissue engineering and medical implants, the latest in sunscreens and cosmetics, as well as nanotechnologies in space travel and exploration.

The CD-ROM offers a detailed introduction to the subject, and a comprehensive glossary. This highly commended production creates an interactive and visually stimulating environment, in which to better understand nanotechnology and its incredible potential.

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The MacRobert Trusts - Derwent - DTI - Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley - National Physical Laboratory - Oxonica - Science Year - AGFA - Nanocyl - Nanoledge - LEO Electron Microscopy - Addleshaw Booth & Co

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CD-ROM: 'What is Nanomedicine?'

The Institute of Nanotechnology, leaders in nanotechnology information, and Cranfield University, leaders in the provision of professional short training courses, have teamed up to present a novel and innovative series of short training courses in nanomedicine.

The series starts with an introductory “What is Nanomedicine?” CD which will provide those with an existing involvement or interest in medicine or medical science with a broad overview of some of the most important aspects of, and developments in, the rapidly growing new field of nanomedicine.

This course will give insights into the application of nanoscience and nanotechnology to:

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