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Education & Training Sub-Group

The Institute aims to address emerging issues in nanoscience and nanotechnology education and training through the education sub-group. The objectives of the Education and Training Sub-Group are:

  • Collaborate to improve the quality of education at post-graduate level through information sharing.
  • Network to enhance performance and benchmark good practise among course providers.
  • Identify and communicate emerging industry training needs.

Education and Training Sub-Group Members

Dr. Steve Dunn, Queen Mary University, London, U.K. – Chairman

Dr. David Carey, University of Surrey, UK
Dr. Mark Geoghegan, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr. Giuseppe Battaglia, University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. Dan Nicolau, University of Liverpool, UK
Dr. David Bakewell, University of Liverpool, UK
Prof. Ioanis Katakis, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain
Dr. Francesca Peiro, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Martin Bennink, University of Twente, Netherlands
Dr. Vasant Kumar, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr. Christiane Norenberg, Oxford University, UK
Prof. Nicholas Harrison, Imperial College, UK
Dr Cate Ducati, University of Cambridge, UK


Analysis of M-level modules in interdisciplinary nanotechnology education

This document provides a snap-shot as to what various institutions across Europe have elected to teach at post-graduate level under a large, and exciting, variety of Nanotechnology Masters qualifications. It shows that there are courses teaching programmes devoted to physics at the nanoscale, courses that can develop an entrepreneur and courses that are focused on using Nanotechnology for the betterment of mankind through the development of medical or energy harvesting devices. In essence this document contains the key information of what modules are seamlessly pieced together to generate a Nanotechnology Masters.

To view the document, please download from the following link:

Nanotechnology Skills and Training Survey

Institute of Nanotechnology, in an action part-financed by the EU, has conducted a survey of skills and training needs of industry. This questionnaire was targeted at companies involved in the research, development, production and marketing of nanomaterials, products enabled by nano-scale innovations and services companies in nanotechnology, across all industry sectors.

The aim is to identify skills gaps in the emerging nanotechnology market, identify professional development and training needs, and inform institutions running nanotechnology masters programmes so that they can be better focused on industry’s needs.

To view the full report, or see the presentation detailing its major outcomes, please view the following documents:


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