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OLED Lighting Materials Market Trends and Impact

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Oct 2010 View Contents
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We believe that OLED lighting may well prove to be the largest addressable market for OLED materials. The fact that OLED lighting panels will eventually be bigger than display panels and that OLED lighting faces milder competition will ensure that materials makers will have opportunities to sell organic semiconductors, transparent conductors, substrates and encapsulants into this sector in significant volumes.

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In this new report, we analyze and quantify the opportunities that the emergence of OLED lighting will create for materials suppliers. We also set out the key factors for success for materials suppliers in this space, as well as what OLED materials developments will mean to the lighting industry and firms that make relevant manufacturing equipment.

The report also examines the latest developments in OLED materials, focusing especially on those areas that are directly relevant to OLED lighting; as opposed to displays. For example, we analyze what is going on in the development and manufacture of blue and white materials and the ways in which novel transparent conductors may be used instead of ITO in OLED lighting.

The report also contains a detailed forecast of the materials used for OLED lighting broken out by type and functionality, as well as the kind of lighting it will be used in. Finally, we devote a chapter to analyzing the emerging supply structure in the OLED materials sector indicating which are the companies to watch in this space and who are the likely winners and losers.