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OLED Lighting: An Eight-Year Market Forecast (2010)

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Aug 2010 View Contents
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This report presents our latest and most up-to-date projections of the OLED lighting market in volume and value terms. In addition to the core general and architectural lighting markets, the report also quantifies the likely markets for OLED lighting in automotive lighting, backlighting, signage and other applications. And it also discusses which regions of the world will ultimately account for the biggest shares of the OLED lighting market.

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The main objective of this report is to provide clear numerical projections of the OLED lighting market over the next eight years. We believe the report will provide invaluable insights for marketing, product and business development managers, as well as designers at lighting/luminaire firms, OLED manufacturers, materials firms and electronics firms. It will also help inform the decisions of investors who wish to become involved in this sector.

We have been providing forecasts of the OLED lighting space for more than five years and was the first industry analyst firm to do so. As in the past, these projections are based on a forecasting model that takes into consideration historical patterns of growth in the lighting market and the technical improvements that we have seen in the OLED industry. However, in these forecasts we have also taken into consideration the recently announced plans of some of the leading players in this space, which we examine with a critical eye.

We have also factored into our forecasts important regulatory changes and many other trends. In addition we also include a discussion of the likely patterns for the substitution of conventional lighting by OLED lighting; a key factor in any forecast, since OLEDs represent a completely new form of lighting that won’t replace existing light bulbs and tubes on a one-to-one basis.

This report is one in a series from the firm that provides comprehensive coverage of the OLED lighting market.