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Smart Grid Sensing, Monitoring and Control Systems : Market Opportunities 2011

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Mar 2011 View Contents
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Cisco's acquisition of the Smart Grid monitoring company Arch Rock highlights the key role played by sensing, monitoring systems in the Smart Grid. To make them truly “smart” electricity grids require “ears and eyes” and this is exactly what Smart Grid sensing and monitoring systems provide. Smart Grids also need “muscle” and this why sensing and monitoring systems also increasingly incorporate control functionality of various kinds.

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Because of their core value to the whole Smart Grid concept, we believe that Sensing, Monitoring and Control systems for the Smart represent a significant new revenue opportunity for firms to tap into. Furthermore we believe that these opportunities are available to a broad range of businesses, from specialist systems firms to value-added retailers to components and software firms.

Our research team has been covering sensor related developments for many years and in 2009 we published a highly successful report on the market for sensors in the Smart Grid. This year we are extending our coverage to include the related and rapidly expanding market for Smart Grid Sensing, Monitoring and Control systems. (We will be covering the device-level opportunities for Smart Grid sensors in another soon-to-be released report.)

This report provides insights and forecasts on the full range of sensing, monitoring and control systems that are – and will be – sold into the Smart Grid. It covers the full range of systems, from those designed to add value to AMI networks, to those used in conjunction with transmission systems. And it shows how new technologies are enabling such systems to add functionality to meet the very demanding needs of today’s Smart Grids.

We also consider the state of the art in such systems today, what new features and functions and features will be added in the future and who the leading suppliers and products will be in this rapidly emerging market. As with all our Smart Grid Analysis reports, this new report contains granular eight-year market forecasts.