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Microgrid Markets and Opportunities

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: May 2010 View Contents
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Microgrids are an emerging sector of the Smart Grid market, which we believe will exhibit significant growth over the next decade; there are already many applications where a compelling case can be made for their deployment, including hospitals, high tech office parks, educational campuses, and industrial applications. In all of these applications and more, microgrids can enhance power quality, reliability and security as well as improve energy economics.

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This new report reviews the state-of-the-art in Smart Grids, discussing the likely path technologies will take in the future, and then goes on to identify and quantify the business opportunities that are emerging as microgrids are installed worldwide. We analyze these opportunities in both novel and established applications and also discuss how the new microgrids will fit with the existing grid infrastructure and in entirely off-the-grid deployments. We also discuss how regulatory frameworks facilitate and inhibit the creation of microgrids.

In addition to discussing the evolution of microgrid technology and the kind of equipment that will be used in microgrids, this report also discusses the service revenue potential from microgrids, especially sales of electricity. It provides profiles of the major projects and companies with demonstration microgrids in place as well as major microgrid projects in development and planned for the near future. Based on information from these current and planned microgrids, we provide market forecasts of microgrids and the revenue opportunities that they will generate.

From this new report, readers will come to understand which players will be the likely winners and losers in the microgrid space and why. This report will be essential reading for all firms planning to become involved in this space as well as investors who want to understand the strengths, weaknesses and strategies of the current emerging market in microgrids.