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Smart Grid Transmission Markets - 2010

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: May 2010 View Contents
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Grid transmission systems have adopted new technologies more readily than in systems in the distribution segment of the grid. Nonetheless, we believe that as Smart Grids are deployed worldwide, changes are coming to the transmission sector that will create new opportunities, not just for systems firms, but also for firms that manufacture electronic components, develop IT systems and carry out systems integration at every level.

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In many countries, power companies are looking to deploy increased capacity to support larger and wealthier populations and avoid the growing number of power outages that have occurred in major cities over the past decade or so. There is also a need for high capacity grid overlays or interconnects to support long-distance transmission of energy from remote renewable energy generating stations in order to make better, more efficient use of solar and wind power. And connecting buyers and sellers across very large geographic regions is yet another way that deploying Smart Grid transmission. Smart Grid also entails more intelligent transmission systems intended to enhance reliability and security and to create grids that are better able to cope in an era of distributed generation architectures.

This report identifies where the Smart Grid transmission opportunities will be found and what they will be worth over the next eight years. It covers all the latest developments in transmission systems such as FACTS and high-voltage AC and DC transmission systems and shows how the latest technology developments in power electronics and superconductivity are enabling such systems. The report also predicts the deployment of such systems in the grid network and shows how they are expected to change in design and functionality over the next decade. In addition, the report also looks at how transformers and monitoring components in the transmission sector will have to change to meet the needs of the Smart Grid.

This is a worldwide study of Smart Grid transmission systems, technology and markets and covers developments in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and the rest of Asia. It looks at the business case for new types of transmission systems and how these will be sold into today’s conservative customer base. The report also provides an eight-year market forecast for all the main equipment categories, broken out by product type and technology and the markets into which they are sold.

We believe that this report will be essential reading to suppliers of equipment, utilities and investors looking to get a realistic appraisal of where money is being made and will be made in Smart Grid transmission infrastructure markets.