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Sensors for the Smart Grid: Market Opportunities 2010

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Dec 2009 View Contents
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Much of the literature on smart grid makes the point that the smart grid will use lots of "advanced sensors." Sensors are intrinsic to advanced metering applications, for example. As a result we believe that the emerging Smart Grid will create important new markets for sensors over the coming decade. Giant firms such as AT&T are already creating units to tap into this opportunity and this report indentifies where all the new business revenues in Smart Grid sensors will be coming from. It will be essential reading for product managers, marketers and business development executives at sensor firms, networking companies, advanced materials and software companies and all businesses involved with the emerging smart grid.

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The report identifies and quantifies all sensor-related opportunities related to the Smart Grid. This includes not only energy monitoring and load balancing sensors. Security monitoring and equipment inspection are also part of the story. In addition, coverage of the energy monitoring aspect of the market includes conventional electrical sources as well as sensors for load balancing for alternative energy. We also examine the markets for Smart-Grid-related sensors and sensor systems that are used both by power companies and in buildings including specialist sensors that are being developed for grid applications, such as those that are capable of rapid analysis of anomalies in electricity quality over very large geographic areas.

As with all our reports, this report contains a granular eight-year forecast and it also includes an assessment of the strategies of the leading players in this space as well the activities of the major standards organizations and their role in creating a smart sensor friendly grid ecosystem. The report also discusses the differences in the Smart Grid sensor market among the major industrialized countries of the world.