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Markets for Smart Grid Cables and Insulators: 2010

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Dec 2009 View Contents
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Meeting the many and varied expectations for the Smart Grid in the next ten years will mean the development of new kinds of cable, cable dielectrics, power electronics, cable insulators, and energy storage devices. For this to happen, the Smart Grid will have to utilize a variety of new materials ranging from gallium nitride to superconductors to carbon nanotubes. The task is even more urgent given that, according to many observers, investment in electricity grids have lagged, creating an urgency to upgrade.

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We believe that the massive capital expenditures that are expected to made on the Smart Grid in the next decade will create unparalleled opportunities for manufacturers of advanced materials and specialized power devices and cables. These advanced materials will help enable new grid architectures as well as enhance power system control and reliability, improve power quality and equipment lifetimes, and reduce costs.

However, much of this technology is unproven and it is therefore important to assess it, both in terms of its potential to solve and problems and in terms of its time to market.

In this report, we identify and analyze the opportunities for manufacturers of advanced materials, cables and power devices as the result of the advent of the Smart Grid. It examines current programs and expected time frames for these new products and takes a critical look at the strategies of the companies producing them. The report also provides an eight-year forecast of the markets considered within the report.