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The World Market for Nanoclays

Applications, Products, End User Markets, Companies and Revenues

The World Market for Nanoclays
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The world market for nanoclays in 2009 was $202.4 million, growing to $290.7million by 2015. End-user market for nanoclays are in packaging, automotive, cosmetics and toiletries, water filtration, flame retardant materials, medical and biomaterials and paints, pigments and dyes. Prime markets are the flame retardant and barrier packaging sectors.

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Nanoclays are utilized as additives for polymeric materials, leading to vast improvements in mechanical, thermal, flame resistance, and barrier properties. Market players include Elementis Specialties, FCC China, Kowa Company. Ltd., Kunimine Industries Co., Ltd., Nanocor Corporation, Southern Clay Products, Inc. , Sun Chemical, Techmer, Ube Industries and Unicoop.

Report contents include:

  • Applications by market
  • Market revenues to 2015
  • Market structure
  • Market drivers
  • Key producers
  • 30 company profiles including products and end user markets
  • 30 tables and figures
  • End user markets covered include Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Environment and Water, Flame Retardants, Medical, Packaging, Paints, Pigments and Coatings

The world market for nanoclays in 2009 was $202.4 million, growing to $290.7million by 2015.