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Nanocoatings for the Automotive Industry

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: May 2011 Pages: 102 View Contents
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Nanostructured coatings are beginning to find widespread application in the automotive industry as paint additives allowing for new coloration effects and greater hardness and durability. The sector aims to decrease weight while increasing engine efficiency and overall performance of the vehicles to be able to reduce CO2 footprint and therefore, energy consumption.

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Coatings of different materials containing nanoscale carbides, nitrides, metals or ceramics play a key role in the performance of internal mechanical components of a vehicle, such as the engine. By reducing wear and friction nanoscale protective coatings increase the lifetime of the working material at the same time that they reduce the dissipation of energy as heat, thus increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

The current market is estimated to around $125million, rising to $310million plus by 2015.

Report contents include:

  • All applications of nanocoatings in the automotive industry
  • Production methods and coating types including anti-fingerprint, abrasion, wear and corrosion resistant, anti-fouling and easy-to-clean, self-cleaning and thermal barrier and flame retardant
  • Market structures, market drivers and revenues
  • 70 plus Company profiles

The current market is estimated to around $125million, rising to $310million plus by 2015.