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The World Market for Atomic Force Microscopes and AFM Probes

The World Market for Atomic Force Microscopes and AFM Probes
Category: Materials Published: Jan 2011 Pages: 80 View Contents
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World market revenues for scanning probe microscopes in 2010 were approximately US$337million. The main market for scanning probe microscopes is in the semiconductors and electronics sector were they are routinely used in product inspection and failure analysis for measuring sub-micrometer features on IC-boards. They are also widely used in universities, research facilities and scientific centers worldwide. In production environments (such as microelectronics and solar), precision manufacturing industries,(such as medical device manufacturing, automotive and aerospace) and other related industries, scanning probe microscopes enable users to monitor their products throughout the manufacturing process to improve yields, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

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Report contents:

  • World and regional markets for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and AFM Probes
  • Market revenues, current and forecasted to 2015 for end user markets
  • Profiles on all companies including products and end user markets
  • Market structure, market drivers and restraints
  • 65 plus tables and figures

World market sales for AFMs in 2010 were approximately $107.67 million.