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The World Market for Scanning Electron Microscopes

Category: Materials Published: Jan 2011 Pages: 62 View Contents
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World market sales for SEMs in 2010 were approximately $132.56 million. In line with the economic downturn and the conditions in the semiconductors capital equipment market there has been a reduction in sales since 2007-2008. However there is still a requirement for high-resolution scanning electron microscopes as material development and processing technologies continue to be downsized.

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Scanning electron microscopes meet broad-ranging demand not only in research and development in the latest nanotechnology fields but also for material verification, evaluation, fault analysis, and quality control. Vendors focus on providing advanced systems with special sampling handling capabilities in order to enable analysis of living cells. There is a huge demand for such systems with special environmental chambers from the biological and life sciences industries.

In addition, the market has witnessed significant demand for integrated systems and custom solutions that provide additional capabilities to suit the needs of specific end-user applications, particularly from customers involved in core research activities.

Report contents:

  • World and regional markets for Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
  • Market revenues, current and forecasted to 2015 for end user markets including Semiconductors and data storage, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, FA labs, academia and government research labs, biomedical and life sciences, polymers, metallurgy, thin films, ceramics and fiber optics
  • Profiles on all companies including products and end user markets
  • Market structure, market drivers and restraints
  • 55 plus tables and figures

World market sales for SEMs in 2010 were approximately $132.56 million.