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The World Market for Sample Preparation Equipment

Category: Instrumentation & Material Production Published: Dec 2010 Pages: 72 View Contents
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Revenues in the sample preparation equipment market were $848.49million in 2009, rising to an estimated $1182.5million in 2015. Despite the effect of the global economic downturn, most major sample preparation equipment companies posted solid results in 2009, with only a relatively small downturn in profits, despite the significant decline in the semiconductors capital equipment markets. Although equipment sales in this market were down between 15-20% there were increased sales in the Life Sciences sector only minor downturns in the research and general industry segments.

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Income was negatively impacted by the overall weak economy, continued competitive pricing, lower total volume and the mix of products sold.

However the semiconductors and electronics sector began to experience an upturn by the end of 2009, and most companies are expecting strong performances in this sector in 2010. Revenues for sample preparation companies depends in large part upon the capital expenditures of manufacturers in the HB-LED, solar, data storage, and semiconductor markets, as well as customers in the scientific research and industrial market.

Competitors in the sample preparation market are a diverse mix of small companies with a single product or global multinationals with a range of products. Research and Industry segments for sample preparation companies held up fairly well in the economic downturn, as governments, institutions and corporations continued to invest in research and product development. Key competitive factors in the market are performance, range of features, reliability and price.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of current and future markets for sample preparation equipment. Contents include:

  • Revenues forecasts by equipment type, by market and by region
  • End-user markets
  • 45 equipment provider profiles including all product offerings
  • Over 40 tables and figures

Revenues in the sample preparation equipment market were $848.49million in 2009, rising to an estimated $1182.5million in 2015.