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Building Integrated Photovoltaics Markets 2011

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This new report is the latest in our ongoing coverage of the BIPV market; a market in which we have been providing path-breaking analysis for four years. As the result of our research we believe that while many of the trends that we have tracked in the BIPV space before are still powerful, we now stand at the cusp of BIPV becoming a key part of the emerging green building materials revolution, and it is on the opportunities resulting from this that this report is particularly focused.

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This new report tracks and quantifies the latest developments in the BIPV sector, showing, for example, how and where collaborations between the PV industry and construction industry are creating new ways to add value to buildings and creating new ways for both industries to make money. This report also discusses how BIPV may benefit from today’s regulatory climate. Because BIPV enables the costs of the building fabric and photovoltaic system to be shared over the same infrastructure, we see the BIPV market as having an increasingly attractive business case, even if subsidies for PV are reduced, as seems likely. Thus BIPV may be an important step towards PV becoming a substantial industry that may eventually be self-sustaining without government subsidies.

The coverage of the report includes the residential and commercial/industrial sectors; new construction and retrofits. We consider the sizes of the various BIPV markets, the roles and strategies of important firms in the industry, and the various PV technologies as they relate to BIPV. In total the report provides a thorough guide to the revenue-generating opportunities for BIPV over the next eight years.

This new report tracks and quantifies the latest developments in the BIPV sector.