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Transparent Conductor Markets 2011

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Jul 2011 View Contents
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The report continues the firmís coverage on the transparent conductor market spanning the past six years.

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In our latest report we offer the following:

  • A more extensive discussion of the opportunities for nanomaterials in the transparent conductor space: In addition to our regular coverage of nanotubes and silver inks, we are also looking at the potential for "nanogrids", copper, graphene and nanostructured conductive polymers. These additions to our report are due to the explosion of interest in ITO alternatives, with new companies and products being launched in this space.
  • More granular forecasts: Although we have always sought to provide the most detailed and accurate forecasts of the transparent conductor market, this new report provides projections of products and areas that have not been addressed in previous reports. In addition to our usual breakouts by applications and types of material, we are including breakouts by the type of transparent conductor product being sold; sputtering targets, inks, films and coated glass.
  • Extended discussion of the ITO supply chain: In this yearís report, we take a look at the opportunities arising in the supply chain and especially value-added intermediaries in Asia in their role in supplying major display manufacturers.
  • Information on funding: In view of the number of firms that are beginning to get into the transparent conductor space, we take a look at how funding patterns are developing and how venture capitalists appear to be looking at transparent conductor investments.
  • The indium factor: A few years back, it was a given that the price of indium would strongly impact the shape of things to come in the transparent conductor market. Today, the pendulum has swung the other way and firms are saying that indium doesnít matter because it is such a small part of the total cost of ITO. In this report, we discuss what we really know about the impact of indium costs and also what the latest moves to control indium exports from China will mean for the transparent conductive coatings market.
  • The mythical flexible display: Flexible displays have been demonstrated at trade shows for several years now and have been much discussed at conferences and in the technical literature. They are also a market than many suppliers of transparent conductors say they are chasing after. However, the reality is that there are no genuine flexible displays on the market at the present time. This report discusses how when and if, flexible displays will create opportunities for makers of transparent conductors.
  • OLED displays and lighting: Although we have taken a look at the use of transparent conductors in the OLED space before, we are providing extended coverage in this yearís report. This reflects the fact that small OLED displays are now a mass market item and OLED TVs and OLED lighting seem well on their way to commercialization. Transparent conductors raise special issues in an OLED environment including the need for special planarization and the need to support large panels.

As with all our reports, this latest report on transparent conductors includes discussions of the product/market strategies of both the largest firms in this space and the most innovative. We also provide detailed eight-year forecasts with extensive breakouts in both value and volume terms by product and application as well as by geography.

An extensive discussion of the opportunities for nanomaterials in the transparent conductor space.