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Printed Gold: Gold Ink and Pastes Market 2011

Category: Materials Published: Sep 2011 View Contents
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Although silver inks are expected to maintain a dominant role in printed electronics, gold is expected to account for a profitable niche for ink makers. In a sense, there is nothing new in this gold pastes have been used for quite some time in traditional chip and wired circuits. However, several ink makers and research teams are now taking printed gold to the next stage with the development of nano-gold inks that are being pitched at novel applications ranging from sensors to photovoltaics.

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This report assesses and quantifies the applications new and old for gold inks and pastes. It examines the products and firms that make up the printed gold business and the marketing strategies that are being used in this interesting sector. The also report contains eight-year market forecasts broken out both by application and by gold ink/paste chemistry and printing technology type. In addition, we consider what the impact of the current very high price of gold will have on the printed gold sector.

This report draws on our ongoing coverage of metallic inks and pastes.

This report draws on our ongoing coverage of metallic inks and pastes.