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A Capacity and Opportunity Analysis of OLED Lighting Manufacturing

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Oct 2011 View Contents
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This report analyzes the current state of the art in OLED lighting fabrication and forecasts how facilities for manufacturing will evolve over the next decade. It is the latest report in our ongoing coverage of the OLED lighting industry and is based on our company’s insider knowledge of how this industry is growing.

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This report answers vital questions that for executives throughout the entire OLED lighting industry:

  • Who is installing facilities to manufacture OLED lighting and what kind of processes are they using?
  • What will be the roadmap for scaling up today’s OLED lighting fabs to full-scale production?
  • How will OLED lighting manufacturing technology develop over the next few years to meet the need for high-volume, low-cost output?
  • Will it be possible to make extensive use of solution processing?
  • Will OLED lighting “foundries” emerge to meet the needs of OLED lighting firms that choose to adopt a fabless business model?
  • Will the availability of the manufacturing capacity in any way be a brake on the expansion of the OLED lighting industry?
  • How will the materials supply chain evolve as OLED lighting manufacture ramps up and which materials firms will benefit?

We believe this is the first report of its kind and that it will provide invaluable insights for firms that make fabrication equipment as well as those that are building the OLED lighting itself. It explores the development of OLED lighting manufacturing technology and infrastructure and shows how that will lead to profitable opportunities for businesses ranging from materials suppliers to OLED makers. As with all our reports this one includes an eight-year forecast. In this case, these projections are of OLED lighting manufacturing capacity, with breakouts by type of manufacturing technology utilized, world region and business model.

This report answers vital questions that for executives throughout the entire OLED lighting industry