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Photovoltaic Crystalline Silicon Cells Patent Landscape 2009

Photovoltaic Crystalline Silicon Cells Patent Landscape 2009
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If the current photovoltaic market accounts only for a very small part of the total energy market, its growth has been exponential over the last ten years with an annual growth rate over 30% and is credited a bright future by all energy experts. As a consequence, a great number of industrial players have marked out their position in this field.

A change of production scale is currently occurring and is especially illustrated by the number of take-over and joint-ventures. The positioned companies should therefore face in the short term two essential issues:

  • Protection of their current competitive advantage by the building-up of a solid patent portfolio
  • Protection of their margin and freedom to operate for their marketed products and processes

The analysis of the patent panorama notably highlights the fact that current major players are not necessarily the major patent holders. The question can be raised for a few of them of their possibility to evolve rapidly enough to maintain their market position towards better protected competitors.

In a sector where over 20,000 patents have been filed, these three reports provide you with a comprehensive panorama of the intellectual property landscape segmented in the three current types of solar cells (Crystalline Silicon Cells, Thin Film Cells and Organic Cells) and helps you:

  • Position your company's R&D and IP Portfolio
  • Identify key inventors and key players involved in specific thematic and/or therapeutic target
  • Understand the collaboration networks and theirs dynamics
  • Uncover trends and emerging segments