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Carbon Nanotubes Patent Landscape 2008

Carbon Nanotubes Patent Landscape 2008
Category: Instrumentation & Material Production Published: Jan 2008 Pages: 103 View Contents View Report Sample
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Carbon nanotubes are the subject of extensive research and development work. Although numerous applications are now envisaged for these materials, a few stand out, namely those that have already achieved market penetration (nanotube based composites) and those that should, in the medium term (5 years), penetrate the industrial sector (electronic applications).

In parallel with the development of markets, patent portfolios are being built up. With the emergence of industrial applications, the first signs of technological maturity of the sector are only just becoming apparent.

This document aims to establish as comprehensive a panorama as possible of the intellectual property associated with carbon nanotubes and to analyse the strategic positions of the companies involved in this sector.