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RFID Profit, Fund Raising and Acquisition Strategy

RFID Profit, Fund Raising and Acquisition Strategy
Category: Electronics Published: Jul 2009 Pages: 219 View Contents
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There is a great need for profit optimization and careful product positioning and repositioning in the frenetic but unforgiving RFID market that is increasing ten times to become a $26 billion business. RFID is entering most sectors of corporate, public and private life so understanding how to create enduring profit from such a choice of designs and applications, software, hardware and services, calls for great care and modern management tools.

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Who is buying RFID companies - why?

Who is investing in RFID companies - why?

What next?

Why are some RFID companies highly profitable and others collapsing?

Last year, the profits of 1000 RFID activities varied from about ten million dollars to a loss of $53 million. Too much of this was unplanned and unintentional. Some of these companies are growing rapidly and profitably but others have recently gone out of business. Yet, in this fast growing, fragmenting market, the performance of the players obeys rules of the marketplace and success and failure can largely be predicted and controlled. This reports studies 2000 case studies of RFID in action in 75 countries and carried out detailed market research to understand what is going on.

This unique report on how to make money in RFID is packed with facts and analysis. The report reveals the rationale behind the sudden increase in both fund raising and acquisitions in RFID and who is doing what and why - also what should come next. There is also analysis of how to benefit from the trends, interpreting the disruptive new technologies and its 10 year market projection. This lucid and informed examination of how to succeed in RFID should be required reading for all seeking to maximize their contribution to this exciting sector and create enduring profitable growth, from manufacturers to consultants and investors.

The 215 page report contains 67 tables and figures comparing the performance of over 40 RFID companies in order to explain product positioning, future market opportunities, dangers and other signals ahead. The following 90 companies involved in RFID are referred to in the text:

  • ACG Identification Technology
  • AeroScout
  • Alanco Technologies
  • Alien Technology
  • Allflex
  • Applied Digital
  • ASK
  • Assa Abloy
  • Avery Dennison
  • AVID Wireless
  • AWID
  • Cisco
  • Denstron
  • DynaSys
  • Ekahau
  • EM Microelectronic
  • Emirates Technical Innovation Centre
  • EMS
  • EXI Wireless
  • G2 Microsystems
  • Gemalto
  • Giesecke & Devrient
  • HID
  • Hitachi
  • IDTechEx
  • IDVelocity
  • Impinj
  • Indala
  • Infolink Systems
  • Innovision
  • InSeal SAS
  • InSync Software
  • Intellident
  • Intermec
  • KSW Microtec
  • KTP
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Linpac
  • Manufacturing centre of Excellence
  • MarkIV Industries
  • Matrics
  • MeadWestvaco
  • Metget
  • MetroLogic
  • Mu Solutions
  • MIT
  • NCR
  • Nissan
  • NTT Data
  • Oat Systems
  • Omnikey
  • Omron
  • OrganicID
  • OTI
  • PanGo networks
  • Philips Semiconductors
  • PolyIC
  • PSC
  • Quatrotec
  • Radianse
  • Raytheon
  • RFID Journal
  • SAMsys
  • SATO
  • Savi Technology
  • Schwab
  • Siemens
  • Sirit
  • Smartag
  • Soartech
  • Sokymat
  • Sony
  • Sygade
  • Symbol Technologies
  • 3M
  • Texas Instruments
  • ThingMagic
  • TradeWind Technologies
  • TransCore
  • Trenstar
  • Trierenberg Group
  • Tyco ADT
  • Ubisense
  • Verichip
  • VeriSign
  • VisibleRF
  • WaveID
  • WhereNet
  • Xterprise

Profit, cash generation, fund raising, acquisition strategy