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Dye Sensitized Cells: Materials, Applications and Opportunities - 2011

Category: Materials, Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Apr 2011 View Contents
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Dye sensitized cells (DSC) were once little more than a curiosity, positioned at the edge of the organic photovoltaics space. However, recent developments suggest that this approach to photovoltaics is rapidly commercializing; offering a potential low-cost technology solution for BIPV and mobile PV applications.

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Much of the new bullishness surrounding DSC has been enabled by recent materials-related innovations. These innovations new transparent electrolytes, replacing platinum electrodes with less costly electrodes using carbon and cobalt, and re-thinking the DSC cell architecture.

More companies are also into the DSC and as a result, the time has come for this industry analysis report that focuses exclusively on the DSC space. In addition to analyzing the opportunities for this technology in the BIPV and mobile PV space, this report appraises the strategies of the main firms active in this space. As with all our reports, it also provides an eight-year forecast for the DSC sector by volume and value of shipments.

Recent developments suggest that this approach to photovoltaics is rapidly commercialising.