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Transparent Conductors for Display: Market Opportunities 2011

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Displays are without a doubt the largest market for transparent conductors and this is a situation unlikely to change. Displays are also a safe haven for ITO, since, despite constant grumbling, the display industry has been unwilling to switch to ITO alternatives. This is understandable, given the huge commitment of the dominant LCD sector to ITO in time and money.

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However, if the firms offering ITO alternatives are ever to move past their status as a cottage industry, they will have to take a measureable share of the display industry. The two big strategic questions for the transparent conductor business going forward are therefore (1) how can the LCD industry be persuaded to shift away from ITO? And (2) are there sizeable segments of the display industry that are particularly open to ITO replacement?

In this report, we forecast how the use of transparent conductors in the display industry will change over the next eight years and who will be the winners and losers as the result of these trends. The report also analyzes the money making potential that the display industry provides for both ITO suppliers as well as for suppliers and developers of alternative transparent conductors. Some alternatives have been commercially successful in other industries; is it now the display industry’s turn?

In this report, we explore the characteristics of the display industry that have contributed to its long-time reliance on ITO above all other transparent conductors. The coverage includes conventional LCD FPDs in addition to touch-screens, flexible displays, OLED displays and electrophoretic displays to offer clients the best insight into where ITO will remain king and where alternative transparent conductors can make money. This report provides an analysis of the opportunities for manufacturers of each type of transparent conductor – ITO, other oxides, polymers, and nanomaterials – and looks at the roadmaps for adoption of each type of material by display makers. We also examine the strategies that ITO firms will employ as they try to ensure that they retain the vast majority of this market as long as possible.

We also include an eight-year forecast of transparent conductor markets for display applications, broken out by type of transparent conductor and type of display. We believe that this report will be essential reading for suppliers and developers of transparent conductors of all types, as well as for executives in display-manufacturing firms.

Displays are without a doubt the largest market for transparent conductors and this is a situation unlikely to change.