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Growth Markets for Conductive Polymers in Electronics and Optoelectronics

Category: Materials Published: Jan 2011 View Contents
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Often branded as a class of "miracle" advanced materials that will transform electronics and photovoltaics, the actual record of conductive polymers has been decidedly mixed. The early expectations for the role of polymer-based PV, or conductive polymers as a transparent conductive coating, have never been met. And in other areas of organic electronics, polymer materials areas such as OLEDs and OTFTs polymers have played second fiddle to small molecule materials.

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Does this mean that the conductive polymer story is so much hype? Will these interesting materials be condemned forever to low-value markets such as anti-statics? In answering such questions, we believe that it is high time to launch a serious investigation of where the genuine opportunities for conductive polymers will be found over the next decade.

The goal of this report is to seek out such opportunities, quantify them and show how they are best capitalized on.

In this report we examine the main conductive polymers that have been proposed for use in electronics and PV and take a look at how they are evolving technically to provide better performance. Based on this analysis we then examine the main applications for which conductive polymers have been proposed, showing where they have a competitive edge and how materials firms can monetize that advantage. For each of the main applications studied, we provide an eight-year market forecast, with indications of which particular conductive polymers are likely to do well in that market environment.

The results of this investigation, we believe will be of importance not just to manufacturers of conductive polymers but throughout the electronics materials industry and indeed to the broader electronics and investor communities. This report is based on our extensive and ongoing coverage of not just the conductive space, but also most of the applications in which conductive polymers will be used.

This report seeks out opportunities, quantifies them and shows how they are best capitalised on.