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Touch Screens: Technologies, Materials and Markets - 2010

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Touch screens were first used in computer-assisted learning systems in the 1970s and then went on to find applications in kiosks, point-of-sales systems, ATMs, etc. Today they are also been used in PDAs, smart phones, game consoles, GPS systems, and industrial information and control devices of various kinds. More than 100 cell phone models now employ touch-screen technology and home appliances are also expected to utilize touch screens in the near future. In addition, somewhere along the way the functionality of touch screens has expanded; most notably with multi-touch capability.

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This report analyzes the leading touch-screen technologies and shows how well each of them meets current and future market needs for the various applications. It also analyzes the strategies of the most innovative touch-screen suppliers and technology developers and discusses how touch-screen technology and products will change in the future. Finally, the report provides an eight-year quantitative and qualitative forecast for shipments of touch-screen products of all kinds.

We believe that this report will be a source of new ideas for product managers, business development executives and marketers at all levels of the touch-screen display value chain; from those focused on the development of important new materials to those creating and integrating the displays themselves.

This report analyses touch-screen technologies and shows how well each of them meets current and future market needs.