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Large-Area and Printed Sensor Markets: 2009-2016

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The sensor market will take off rapidly in the next decade, driven by the needs for better diagnostics for an aging population, environmental monitoring, national security and military markets and -- in the not too distant future -- small scale robotics. These are diverse applications areas, but one factor that they will have in common will be the need for sensors that are distributed over large-area, flexible substrates. In many cases, these large-area sensors will be created -- in all or part -- with printing technology.

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We believe that while some of the most exciting opportunities in this sector lie in the future, there are already ways to tap into this emerging market that can leverage existing technologies, materials, manufacturing approaches and marketing channels into new business revenues. The objective of this report is to identify just where these opportunities are.

Beginning with an analysis of the potential from existing printed sensor products such as sensors with printed electrodes and diagnostic test strips and assays, this new report provides a roadmap and revenue forecast that will point out where and how the money will be made on the way to fully functional large-area sensor systems.

This report will also show how new developments in printed electronics, substrate materials and sensor materials will enable this new kind of sensing system. It will g on to discuss the commercial implications of current sensor trends from singlet devices such as gas sensors and pressure sensors to complex layered subsystems such as smart noses, smart skins and labs on a chip and how these new kinds of sensors represent a station on the way to true wide-area sensors.

The report will provide a guide to where and when the demand will emerge for wide area and printed sensors in the all key application sectors including military, medical and genomics/proteomics, national security, pervasive computing, robotics, transportation, smart packaging, smart buildings and environmental monitoring, and consumer electronics. Finally, the report will discuss the latest R&D developments in this field as well as the strategies of the firms that are commercializing this new technology and where they are looking for first revenues.

This report will be invaluable to sensor firms, manufacturers of smart materials and nanomaterials, printed electronics companies, applications developers, as well as electronics and medical device firms more generally.

The sensor market will take off rapidly in the next decade, driven by the needs for better diagnostics.