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Materials, Applications and Opportunities within Organic Photovoltaics - 2011

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Apr 2011 View Contents
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In this brand new report we provide a comprehensive examination of the marketplace, technologies, and manufacturing approaches in the organic photovoltaic (OPV) business. Starting with a look back over the past year, we identify where the long-term promises of OPV are beginning to be kept and where sustainable applications are emerging for this interesting solar technology.

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This report also focuses on how both materials and solar panel manufacturers are changing their strategies to adapt to an environment in which OPV costs have failed to come down to point hoped for just a few years ago. Under this new circumstances can their ever be large enough revenues from OPV for it to be more than just a market niche or for OPV to continue to interest the large chemical companies that are now involved in it? And does OPV have enough going for it to break out of the limited world of solar chargers to become a viable BIPV technology?

Money continues to be invested in the OPV space and new companies have appeared in the past year or so. So the prospects for OPV seem good. We have been following the OPV space for five years and this new report contains our latest thoughts on this topic. The report also contains detailed forecasts broken out by materials, technologies and markets by volumes and dollars.