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08 October 2010 Asia Nano Forum (ANF)

Nanotechnology Association of Thailand launched

Thailand's first NanoQ

Prof Sirirurg with senior management of Nanotechnology Association of Thailand
Prof Sirirurg with senior management of Nanotechnology Association of Thailand .
Image Credit: Asia Nano Forum (ANF).

Certification mark plays an important role in the commercial sector. It acts as evidence of the existence of follow-up agreements between manufacturers and nationally accredited testing and certification organisations. With the increase of new nano-enabled product in the market, nano mark certification will be important factor to encouraging domestic manufacturers to develop prominent nano products and promote consumers' acceptance of nano products.

At a recent launch of the Nanotechnology Association of Thailand in Bangkok on October 7, Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, President of Nanotechnology Association of Thailand said “the aim of the association is to work closely with industries, researchers, and decision makers to effectively launch NanoQ in 2011. NanoQ will be Thailand’s answer to building consumers’ confident and set industrial standards for nanotechnology related products”.

Local companies wishing to obtain the NanoQ mark can forward their request to the association who will then work with the National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) to have the product tested and verified. A yearly auditing process will also be part of the NanoQ mark package.

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