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24 November 2010 IoN

Public Dialogue on Nanofood

The use of nanotechnology in food and smart packaging will be discussed at the meeting
The use of nanotechnology in food and smart packaging will be discussed at the meeting.

On the 1st of December, the Institute of Nanotechnology will participate in a public dialogue event as expert on nanofood and societal implications.

This commissioned study is being undertaken on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) by TNS-BMRB, an independent research firm. The FSA have commissioned the study to understand consumer views as part of its response to the House of Lords S&T Committee report on nano and food. The study is being undertaken in 6 areas (London, Leeds, Norwich, Birmingham, Aberdeen and London) with 120 members of the public overall, drawn to reflect a mix of demographic characteristics.

The meeting on 1st December will focus on potential nano applications in two broad domains: the use of nano in food and its use in smart packaging. With regard to its potential use in food it will focus on food modification and fortification.

The meetings are organised with members of the general public with two experts, Douglas Robinson (IoN) and Kathy Groves (Leatherhead Food International)), to both provide information on request, and to help place the discussions in the context of the state-of-the-art (and potential future evolutions) in areas of technology development, markets and regulation.

Related IoN Webinar

Food packaging, food fortification as well as regulatory, market and consumer aspects will be further discussed in the IoN webinar ‘Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture’, Thursday 20 January, 14.00 - 15.00 GMT.

The benefits of applying nanotechnology can be clearly seen in a field like medicine, where achieving a balance between benefits and risks has always been part of any technological advance. But what of food, where consumers are very sensitive of its content, and agriculture, which has been blighted in the past by controversies such as the debate on GMOs?

In this webinar, Douglas Robinson, the Institute of Nanotechnology’s technology analyst for food and agriculture, will present an overview of some of the latest applications of nanotechnology in food and agriculture, ranging from its uses in crop protection and food production, through food processing, to packaging and distribution.

Richard Moore of the Institute of Nanotechnology will also examine what implications nanotechnology may have for risk management, governance and regulation in the field of food and agriculture.


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