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28 January 2011 EICOON

EICOON Workshop and Summer School

The workshop will take place between 13 - 17 June 2011 in Helsinki, Finland
The workshop will take place between 13 - 17 June 2011 in Helsinki, Finland.
Image Credit: EICOON.

Nanomaterial Issues in Electrochemical Energy Conversion: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Supercapacitors

Helsinki, 13-17 June 2011

Research in nanomaterials is expected to provide critical contributions to the advancement in electrochemical energy technologies and to address the important issue of sustainability. Progress in these cross-disciplinary areas can be best achieved through coordinated and cooperative actions. This event provided a unique opportunity for those involved in research (including funding and policy) in Europe and India to identify synergies and mutual needs to push forward progress and provide benefits for both regions.

Workshop Objectives

  • To assess industrial needs for advancement in electrochemical energy conversion devices
  • To review latest developments in nano science and technology in order to improve the performance and durability of these electrochemical devices
  • To encourage exchange of ideas and strengthen relationships between leading researchers
  • To discuss possibilities for joint research projects, training actions and identify other research needs

Audience: Senior scientists, industry leaders, representatives from funding agencies, policy makers and other stake holders.

School Objectives

  • To educate interested students and to train young researchers and engineers

Audience: PhD students and young scientists.


  • Polymer electrolyte membrane, direct alcohol and solid oxide fuel cells
  • Lithium batteries
  • Electrochemical double layer capacitors

Contact (Organisers):

Dr. Pertti Kauranen
Chief Research Scientist
VTT Advanced Materials

Tel. +358 20 7223575

Further Information

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