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07 February 2011 Institute of Nanotechnology

How will Advanced Technologies address Societal Grand Challenges?

Members of the Public Learned how at the IoN Public Lecture and Annual Student Award

The 2011 Albert Franks Memorial Lecture took place on 3rd February in London
The 2011 Albert Franks Memorial Lecture took place on 3rd February in London.
Image Credit: IoN.

The IoN held its annual public lecture in the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Carlton House Terrace, London, on Thursday the 3rd February. Held in honour of one of its founders, Dr Albert Franks, this lecture has had scientists from across the globe presenting their latest research, in the past covering food, medicine, electrical vehicles.

This year we had the great pleasure to welcome Prof Ashok Vaseashta from the Institutes for Advanced Sciences Convergence and International Clean Water in the US. Prof Vaseashta gave a fascinating talk on roadmapping and horizon scanning for new technologies that will benefit water and civil security amongst other societal Grand Challenges. According to one attendee ‘This was a really stimulating presentation, capturing a broad swath of nanotechnology disciplines in the context of Foresight – smashing!’

Prof Vaseashta’s presentation was preceded by the IoN award for best Masters Student. This award attracted entries from all over Europe, the winner, from the University of Barcelona, Anna Palacios-Padrós, gave a short overview of her work on novel processes for thin film solar cells (‘Pulsed electrodeposition of CuInSe2 films for photovoltaic applications’). Anna’s work was reviewed by the IoN’s Professional Membership Committee which consists of academics from universities across Europe and industrialists from leading international companies.

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