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25 February 2011 2011 Nanotechnologies Survey

2011 Nanotechnologies Survey

The survey aims to help you assess the potential impact of nanotechnology on your organisation
The survey aims to help you assess the potential impact of nanotechnology on your organisation.

Europe is currently considering introducing new regulatory requirements for nanomaterials. In the UK the Health & Safety Executive is developing worker safety guidelines – and you might soon be impacted!

To help you assess the potential impact on your organisation and to inform our talks with the Government, the Institute of Nanotechnology is running a collaborative survey with the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), and the Nano Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). We invite you to check your substances and complete the online survey accordingly. All information is anonymous and aggregated results will be used by each organisation to help support the success and safe commercialisation of nanomaterials.

The survey will close on 8 March.

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